Sept.10th… diversity

Sitting here in my recliner with coffee cup in hand,listening to the rain and wind. We are to receive some of Irma’s nasty weather… hopeful the tornadoes that was on the news doesn’t come true. We are in need of some of the rain though as we are very dry.

Last weekend Russell and Kim were home, so good to have them here, we enjoyed a day out on the water, did a little fishing.

Spectators,who just blinked an eye as we rode by.

Lovely views …

Hubby enjoying himself… he catch a sting ray.

There were bottlenose dolphins swimming around,I tried hard to get a good picture of them jumping out of the water. They played hard to get.

The end of a beautiful day!!

Now for an update on some sewing…

I’m half way done on the double wedding ring quilt.

And I have a few blocks of the grandmothers fan done. I played around with the blocks to see what layout I would do…

Or this one

I rather like the last layout.

Did a small drawing of Snuggles. 😀

Take care,Deb<<


24 thoughts on “Sept.10th… diversity

    1. Deb Post author

      Irma left us with a very messy yard, but no serious damage . Being on a boat cruising the water on a summer day is so delightful! Thanks for your kind words. 🙂


  1. blosslyn

    Glad Irma just left you with a messy yard, looking at our outdoor cameras of our garden at home on the laptop, the storm the uk is having at the moment, Eileen, its seem we will be going home to a messy yard. But even here in the South of France, the weather is hot, but they are forecasting gale force winds tomorrow, but the temperatures will still be high….. should be interesting. Love the progress on the two quilts and enjoyed the boat trip, especially the lighthouse 🙂 Did Snuggles sit nicely for you, very cute 🙂


    1. Deb Post author

      Thank you! We are so slowly getting things cleaned up. There’s a tree that needs cut down yet as a limb broke off of it making it really ugly.



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