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April 26 th, scraps and little blocks

I’m catching up on the weeding ,mulching in the flowerbeds.. So I felt the need to visit my sewing room.

I pulled out the fire island hosta quilt top, began to work on it making a nice pile of little scraps. I decided not to put them in a box like I do so many little scraps .  

I have a book of block patterns that has some age to it, perfect for finding a small block. 

I had to tear it out of the book to copy it. Then I broke it down,each block will have four squares. The numbers tell me where to start, the letters the color.

Copy off the pattern on to newsprint paper, cut out leaving enough room for a quarter inch seam. Then layout a square ,add  elmers washable glue to the backside of  c-1. Lay on to fabric with the right side of fabric facedown on table. I make sure the little scrap covers the number 1 area with fabric hanging over the seam line .

Lay a small thin object,like a note card or plastic ruler, right along number two space line,

 fold back over ruler than lay the cutting ruler on top of the folded back piece,adding a quarter inch seam allowance.

Then cut..

Then add another scrap fabric fabric face down to trimmed piece.

Keep doing this with each number until done ,then trim adding your quarter seam allowance.

Here are what some of the little blocks will look like.

I like them. Haven’t any idea how I will use them yet. I’ll just make a nice stack then decide.

Until the next post,  Enjoy your projects in progress. Deb



April,16th …Garden time

  Or should I say weeding time! I have neglected the flowerbeds for helping with son’s fixing up house and moving . Weeds sure didn’t waste anytime growing.πŸ˜• This is the one end of the flowerbed that I haven’t done yet.😳 

I did get out there some this week and here is what the other end looks like.

I enjoy working in the flowerbeds ,it is very relaxing . Here are some of the plants that are flowering now.

Gerber daisy






And of course a puppy needs to be add in 😊 they are so much fun as they are starting to play ball . They don’t have the know how of “bring it back ” they want you to chase them. 


I also have a few more blocks put together for this quilt top.

Have a lovely spring week, friends.πŸ˜„ Deb

April 10 th…busy weeks

It’s hard to believe that a month has gone by since the last post. It has been a good month with much activity.

My third son Mike and his wife brought a little place that is a cute house that needed some loving care. We really wanted to get them moved in before little baby bear arrives. So friends and family were put to work painting,pulling up old carpet,and sanding the hardwood floors to stain. I was put to work with making food for hungry workers,and sewing curtains for some of the Windows. They are moved in and waiting for the new arrival.

Hubby’s parents were here for a visit that went by to quickly. She needed some help with sewing a few dresses,I was happy to help! I was able to ask her about the little dress like pattern that I found in Grandmas fabric. 

She told me that it was a clothes pin bag pattern. I think I need to try making one.

The puppies are growing soon ready to go to new homes.


My little girl had a few not so good days, but her favorite stuff buddy and a sweet snuggles help keep her spirits up.


 Grandsons are enjoying the warm spring weather.

My azalea bushes are lovely this year, I wish they would stay this way a little longer…


Hoping this week has some quilting and knitting lesson time for me.