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June 26 th,Tumbling block vintage quilt

I do not own very many old quilts. One reason is .. I only have so much room in my small house, the other reason .. Often they are priced over my budget.

The quilt I am going to share today is a vintage 1930-40’s quilt. It was found while walking though a flea market with my daughter. The red caught my eye.. So I walked over to take a look ,maybe take a picture ,not even dreaming of buying it . Can you imagine that?!! Well, I didn’t have much cash in my wallet for I was only there with my daughter who was looking for boys clothes. I was more interested in watching my grandbabies. Until.. 

As I was looking at the old quilt, totally lost in all the lovely old fabric,I’m a very one tracked brain person who can get very lost in my own thoughts, when I heard this quiet voice saying ….. Here’s how that conversation went..

Ma’am,do you quilt?

A startled me.. Me? You asking if I quilt?!

Yes, you see the quilt needs some mending. The quilt was found in an attic and the mice got into it, also some staining.

Oh yes I quilt, the mice holes aren’t to bad ,it could be repair .

You would like to buy it?

Oh ,would I . It’s very beautiful. ( by now I’m holding my breath)

You can have it for $2.

2.00 dollars!! My mouth I know had to be wide open..

Yes, she sweetly reply. 

I have never pulled out $2 so fast out of my purse! 

With a kind” enjoy”,she handed me the quilt.

I rested assured her I would.

And still am! 

More lovely fabric scraps

Some repair work

Biggest stain mark..

The quilter did a stitch in the ditch around the little diamond

Whole quilt view..

Who ever the quilter, it was done beautifully.

Now for some heat loving plants . Crepe myrtles do really good in the south,as do the lantana. The last week, temperatures have been really warm in the high 90’s to low 100’s. I believe the thermometer read 104 today. These beauties love that heat while other plants back off blooming.

Have a lovely week friends, Deb


June 20th, old Stone Church

While walking down the street ,hubby and I ,just to see ,enjoy the beautiful day in Cleveland. We came upon this lovely church,we walked up the steps hoping that the door would be unlocked. No such luck we turned away disappointed,but not for long …as a kind old black man showed us how to enter as a visitor! We sincerely thank him,and entered. I gasped at the beauty that meet my eyes… 

Here is some information on the church…

More  to enjoy..


I so wished someone could have played this for me!!

A wonderful old church! So thankful a kind soul showed us a door.


June 19th ..a flagship 

Hubby had business meetings to go to in Cleveland ,Ohio. I had the honor of going along to enjoy ride,also see Cleveland. I must say the temperatures were different than what I am use too! We left Ga with temps in the 90’s and arrived up there to temps in the low 50’s. I had on sandals and a light cotton dress on.. ” I liked to froze” ! It did warm up a little on the last day of our stay,much to my delight!😄

We did some strolling around after Hubby got out of his meetings. We were able to see Lake Erie from the hotel window,so we went down to the lake to enjoy the water ,much to our delight there was a old carrier ship to tour!

So take a stroll with us and enjoy this wonderful vessel!

A neat display 

Then on to see around the ship on the inside…

Windlass room, sorry for the blurry photo .. My iPhone doesn’t do well in darker rooms.

Up a small stair case..into a guest sitting room.

Up another stairs to a larger lounge 

Ever wonder what sailors read?

This was one of the small libraries on broad. Then on to sailors quarters..

Opposite side of room

Above every one bed was this.


Laundry room 

Love the old wringer washer

Kitchen area

Oh excuse me ” not kitchen.. Gallery”

Ready for some coffee?

Some guests bedrooms..

Guest dining room.. Lovely table setting!

Beautiful dishes..

I must admit I stepped over a no go beyond rope to take a good look at that cake 😳 It was plastic😕

Sailors dining

And menu

Chief engineer quarters

Engineers desk.. 

Captains quarters 

Captains phone

And adding machine

On top deck

Just one of the propeller blades 

The holding bins

Then back to the engine room

Back off the ship looking across the waters.

Hope you enjoyed it… 

Walking back to hotel

See the church steeple.. I’ll take you on a tour of the church in next post.

Until then enjoy your week!! Deb

June 10th, Tea plantation and a tree

When we went to Charleston South Carolina, we also stop at two close by islands. The first one was Wadmalaw island,there is the only American tea farm that has 320 species of the camellia sinesis tea plant, which by the way is a cousin to the beautiful Camellia that I post pictures of around Dec.  The plantation is 127 acres with most of it in tea plants which really look more like shrubs trimmed up nicely!

In most countries they pick the leaves by hand , here beings there are only four workers working the plantation , the owner made a combine looking equipment to cut the leaves off the top of the plant giving the plant a very tidy look.

We were also able to see how they dried the leaves to make either black tea or green tea. With green tea it doesn’t go through all the process that black tea does.

If you look in the big mirror you can see green leaves,they are in a bin with air flowing under the leaves they let them set,for ,if I remember right ,about 24 hrs,then the leaves make the trip to the over the roller with screen like netting that still has air blowing the leaves to drop to a belt below that then carries them to the conveyor belt ,then to the hopper that grinds the leaves. They go through three grinders until it is once again laid out on a large conveyor belt that dries them under heat lamps ,from there the leaves are ready for packaging.

If you want to order some American tea just order online from…, it is really good tea.

Then we went to see the Angel oak tree on John Island.

The Angel Oak Tree is estimated to be in excess of 400-500 years old, stands 66.5 ft (20 m) tall, measures 28 ft (8.5 m) in circumference, and produces shade that covers 17,200 square feet (1,600 m2). From tip to tip Its longest branch distance is 187 ft. There is considerable debate about the age of the Angel Oak. Some contend that it is 1,500 years old. Most believe that the more conservative estimates are more accurate.

It was hard to get the tree all on one photo shot,one reason beings it was huge ,the other because of people. The next photos are mine.

If one was wearing high heels they were to remove their heels before going close to the tree. The root system was to be protected for the ground there was soft.
And yes, I’m still quilting!! I’m hoping to have the Fire island hosta Queen done here in a few days I only have a small space to finish then on to the binding. It will finish out to be 100″ by 100″ and has taken me a year to quilt! Boy I’m slow! 😀

Take care friends, Deb

June 6, Charleston,South Carolina 

My brother ,his wife and another couple, who were friends ,invited hubby and I to go to Charleston for a short visit! We had the most enjoyable time. The weather was alittle warm but there was a nice wind which made the warm day pleasant.

This is the Calhoun Manison built in 1876 by George Williams at the cost of $200,000. Today it is private owned but you can pay for a schedule tour. To see beautiful photos of the inside go to .. 

Another beautiful home.. It is for sale,so if you wanted to move where the weather is warm with a wind that’s often blowing also you have a wallet that’s” really full “and you wish to unload some $. This maybe the home for you. 

A side entrance to the home above.

Beautiful gardens

Old paths between homes..

Grave yard with many old headstones. 

And we enjoy a boat ride..

Shrimp boats pulling up nets to head towards shore.

The Laffey was known as the “ship that wouldn’t die.” Off Okinawa in 1945, no less than five kamikaze planes hit her, as well as three bombs. And she lives today. The Yorktown was our 10th aircraft carrier, commissioned in 1943 and named after the aircraft carrier Yorktown that went down in the Battle of Midway. Its service was legendary, including the Vietnam War and the recovery of the Apollo 8 astronauts and their capsule in 1968. 

Tried to take a close up, but my little iPhone 4s doesn’t do this very good. 

More next post…