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Jan.7.. hand quilt along

I have so enjoyed seeing what everyone has been doing, makes my eyes so happy!

My update on my three projects. The one that got the most attention is the Fire Island hosta

Three weeks ago …

I was working from the bottom of photo to the top quilting the black and red points and the white piece right above it. Now I just have to finish the border and the rest of the red and white point piece.

Maybe by next update I will be able to say finished!🤞

Now the double wedding ring… last update here

Two rings done… today’s update

Over quarter of the way done. I’m founding out why I may have put this top in the bottom of the bag for so long I forgot I started it..the navy fabric wrinkles awful,and it is rather hard to quilt.

The back

And the Cathedral windows …. last here

Now here…

Thanks for dropping by!😀


And if you need some inspiration or ideas for a hand project check those post out!
















Nov.26.. Hand quilt along

My how time flies! These last few weeks have been busy with caring ,visiting with my Mom. Then family coming home for thanksgiving. It hasn’t left much time for quilting or sewing. I was surprised at just how much I did get done when I sat down to post my progress. Here’s the update on the fire island hosta …

A few more stitches…

I did get my double wedding ring quilt top marked and started on….

I started another project when just sitting with my Mom ,I needed something small to work on. I have been wanting to do a cathedral window quilt for awhile with these old scraps that came in a bag of other scraps. I think someone took the bigger blocks from these border pieces,these were cast offs.

I believe they are fabric pieces from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Some of the fabric is too thin and old to use ,some can still be lovely displayed in a little window. I have just what is in the bag to take apart with this stack already done.

Here is a few blocks with the old pieces…

It has given new life to the oldies.😀

Now off to make more food for dinner,there’s to be twenty sitting around my dinner table .

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Nov.5. Hand quilt along

For starters on this new hand quilting sharing, I have two quilts that I want to share .

First this quilt I would like to finish before to long as I have another one waiting to be done,just like it in different colors.

I have just a few more rolls to go,here’s the corner that I’m working on.

The next one ,I need to finish ,mark then I will hand quilt it in a lap hoop . It is a lap size quilt perfect for relaxing in the evening with family,the other quilt is a queen size and in a frame in the sewing room.

I have one row to sew on yet,and am thinking of putting a flower design in the center navy space.

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Oct.16….. more scraps…

A quick update on the blocks for the 70,273 project. I have a picture of Leona doing a block in red crayon. Sad to say I didn’t take any that I did. I mailed them in a hurry as we were leaving town for the weekend.

Now for the scraps…. I have been working hard on getting the scrap pile down. I had it down to one box full when Mr. Issac once again brought me his left overs.

So I went to work on some more log cabin blocks, a whirligig block,and a buzzsaw block.

I think they will all look nice in a quilt top.

I also put together two tops for a ladies church sewing as they were wanting some.

These tops were made from yard sale buys where some pieces were in a few yards to larger scraps. I love a yard sale where I can buy a few yards of fabric for $1.

Also took time to work on some more rings for the double wedding ring quilt,which I’m half way done with.

Have a great week ,Deb

Sept.22 …. the old log cabin

I bought this lovely quilt top for its beauty captivated me. The history of its maker is a mystery ,that will always be so. I do know it came from Lancaster county , Pa. The fabrics used are from the civil war era until the early 1900’s. The maker of this top was a lovely sewer. Check it out!

I had to wonder as she sewed these strips of fabric together so careful if she had a plan for the top,or if she just enjoyed sewing in her spare time. I wonder what she would think if she knew her quilt landed up in the hands of a southern lady.

Was she old or young ,married,or single or perhaps widowed….

here’s the quilt in all its glory and I will let you wonder about the top.

Enjoy this carefully kept treasure!!


Sept.10th… diversity

Sitting here in my recliner with coffee cup in hand,listening to the rain and wind. We are to receive some of Irma’s nasty weather… hopeful the tornadoes that was on the news doesn’t come true. We are in need of some of the rain though as we are very dry.

Last weekend Russell and Kim were home, so good to have them here, we enjoyed a day out on the water, did a little fishing.

Spectators,who just blinked an eye as we rode by.

Lovely views …

Hubby enjoying himself… he catch a sting ray.

There were bottlenose dolphins swimming around,I tried hard to get a good picture of them jumping out of the water. They played hard to get.

The end of a beautiful day!!

Now for an update on some sewing…

I’m half way done on the double wedding ring quilt.

And I have a few blocks of the grandmothers fan done. I played around with the blocks to see what layout I would do…

Or this one

I rather like the last layout.

Did a small drawing of Snuggles. 😀

Take care,Deb<<

Aug 22……the meaning of scrap..

A small piece or something left over from use of a greater piece . (Noun)
Discard or remove ( verb)
Words that are similar in uses , fragment,snippet, shred

I have this problem of discarding little pieces of fabric,also accumulating from others their rejects…I so enjoy the colors of a scrappy quilt while the last quilt top I put together was pretty, it isn't a delightful display of colors like the log cabin….

Here are some scrappy knotted quilts that are finished.

I have been having some back issues 😟 ,puts me in a chair for a few days. I don't mind a chair for an hour or two but after awhile I get really disgusted with sitting… so I put my office chair at the table ,got the scraps out that I found,cleaned and ironed, and started cutting these strips into little fan pieces. I need to decide if I want to use the cream fabric or the barn red..

I like both .. although I think the red brings out all the colors of the shirting fabric, where some of the shirting gets lost in the white. What do you think?
The weather wasn't perfect for seeing the eclipse ,as the storm clouds kept getting in the way. I found that it was still beautiful. I needed to always look though the camera on my iPad as I didn't have glasses . Love the reflection of the sun ,moon in this photo.

Take care friends.