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July 2,  Red River Campground

We stayed at this campground during our time of our son’s wedding. I found it had some interesting things to share! 

First if you love canoeing or Kayaking then you might want to put this place on your map. I was so bummed that we didn’t take our kayaks. I didn’t think we would have time,And the river would have been so fun to kayak. It had a wonderful current..

It isn’t a place for small children as there isn’t much for them to do.

The first interesting find was this little shed.

I thought it was a neat little shed so I walked over to see and was pleasantly surprised when I saw this …

The second point of interest…  

Yep .. a witch and her stories… oh it was so fun reading these boards.

If you wish to read more on the Bell witch go here ..Bell Witch Wikipedia. 

A few more photo of  the place…

I love this picture of my tired crew on the way home from Kentucky.

Have a great week,friends.🙂


March 18 th…. the Creation and the Ark

I must say that this is the second time around that I’m writing this post, the first one ..much to my surprise ” with you’ve got to be kidding ” to internet disgust that it was all deleted because of an app crash.🙁

On our way home from Illinois we stopped at two museums,we really enjoyed them. It would have been nice if it had been warmer for the outside activities we didn’t do.. like taking the zip line.

The first museum we stopped at was The Creation Museum,it was very hard to get pictures without people for the places were very busy!

This big skeleton greeted all as they enter the lobby. Some info and a close up of front foot

Some of the displays of the garden of Eden before the fall..

All was peace until this…. then it was weeds ,thorns,  hard work,disease and death.

And then we went up a stairs and just around the corner was a  QUILT!!

It is a real work of art!!

We then went to the Ark

The ship was huge.. one knows that it was in order to hold all that it did it had to be large but when standing by the ark it is truly impressive!

Big pillars inside the Ark

I only was able to get a picture of one creature…

There was a small garden and a loom

And of course when there is a book about dragons .. I get excited ,I enjoy a dragon myth.

There was so much information and things to see ,that some of it we didn’t get to see because of all the people ,and we only had so much time. Still is was very enjoyable. 

March,12 th…. a trip up north

It is that time of year when hubby goes to dealer meetings again. I alway enjoy riding along ,taking a littler sewing machine then while hubby is in meetings I sew away. Here’s a peek into our journey.

We started out with temperatures in the upper 70’s … so in packing I only put in a heavy sweater forgetting just how cold some parts of the US still are. I really didn’t mind the temperature drop until it hit freezing and below temperatures…. needless to say there were a few times I was nearly frozen myself.😄

From hills to flat land

From warm to cold

From upside down house to huge tires

From lovely farms to rocky views

From red barns to brown ones

Now for all the quick miscellaneous shots…


Soooo… what did I work on while hubby was in meetings….. take a guess😄

Yep the double wedding ring quilt. I have 54 ring sides done. 

What the rings look like before trimming. I did sew a few of the rings together to see if it was what I thought it was going to look like in my minds eye to what quilt would really be. 

I’m happy with it! Sorry about the wrinkles as the iron was worthless there and I was afraid of ruining my fabric. Two of the rings aren’t sewn to the center neither.

I also took a book along to read,”Georgia quilts” what a wonderful book! I didn’t get it finished completely,but I did find a pattern in there  that would use my little scraps up ,that would make me very happy. It was made by two black ladies here in Ga .

The flower petals were done by Mary Lizzie Parham in her elder years then her daughter Annie Howard finished it after her mothers death. Fabric era… about the same time frame as what I’m working with now…. 

I believe the design is simple enough for me to make one similar.

We did go to two museums on the way home ,that I will do a later post on.


July,17th.. A quick trip

My weeks plan was completely changed from what I had thought it would be!! We received a call from Hubby’s mama that aunt Grace had quickly passed away. They think that she had ALS, she had been in a wheelchair for two years because of her back which gave her a lot of pain. The disease slowly work is way up to her lungs and she died from carbon dioxide as she could breathe in but not out. 

So… A funeral was quickly a part of my weeks plans. The part that I wasn’t looking forward to was the part that it was in Ohio… A 13 hr drive….. We were also very limited to how long we could be gone for my girl wasn’t feeling good ( not a good week for her either) . We couldn’t leave until  Thursday night until middle daughter came to care for Leona..we left at 7:30 ..arrived out in Ohio in time to wipe the tired wrinkles from the eyes and fresh clothes for the Funeral at 10:00 Friday morning.

Now hubby has many cousins in that area,  so after the funeral, it became party time ! Even uncle Henry enjoyed the action all around him,and joined in.  We finally saw a bed at 12:30 am Saturday. Slept until 7:30 then on the go again to have breakfast with cousins. One of the cousins and I decided to check out some yard sales that looked like fun. And they were fun! 😄 find a small portable ironing board to go beside my sewing machine! 👏👏    Left for home around noon and arrived before 1:00am Sunday morning. Oh… Let me tell you that my bed felt wonderful!! 

When traveling there were was wonderful moments that were breath taking! First one…

It reminded me of a person praying on their knees.

Second one…

The camera doesn’t near catch the colors.

Then the cousin that I went to the yard sales with shared her quilts that she had….

This one was from her great grandma… Don’t you love those little blocks!! Date of quilt 1920’s

The back of quilt

Quilt 2 .. This one was from a elderly lady that she worked for..

I didn’t get a picture of the whole quilt… Limited time 🙁…. It was mostly feedsack fabric and in excellent shape!! Also like how she put little stripes between the four patch blocks. Date of quilt .. Probably 1930’s

Have a great week ! Deb

June 19th ..a flagship 

Hubby had business meetings to go to in Cleveland ,Ohio. I had the honor of going along to enjoy ride,also see Cleveland. I must say the temperatures were different than what I am use too! We left Ga with temps in the 90’s and arrived up there to temps in the low 50’s. I had on sandals and a light cotton dress on.. ” I liked to froze” ! It did warm up a little on the last day of our stay,much to my delight!😄

We did some strolling around after Hubby got out of his meetings. We were able to see Lake Erie from the hotel window,so we went down to the lake to enjoy the water ,much to our delight there was a old carrier ship to tour!

So take a stroll with us and enjoy this wonderful vessel!

A neat display 

Then on to see around the ship on the inside…

Windlass room, sorry for the blurry photo .. My iPhone doesn’t do well in darker rooms.

Up a small stair case..into a guest sitting room.

Up another stairs to a larger lounge 

Ever wonder what sailors read?

This was one of the small libraries on broad. Then on to sailors quarters..

Opposite side of room

Above every one bed was this.


Laundry room 

Love the old wringer washer

Kitchen area

Oh excuse me ” not kitchen.. Gallery”

Ready for some coffee?

Some guests bedrooms..

Guest dining room.. Lovely table setting!

Beautiful dishes..

I must admit I stepped over a no go beyond rope to take a good look at that cake 😳 It was plastic😕

Sailors dining

And menu

Chief engineer quarters

Engineers desk.. 

Captains quarters 

Captains phone

And adding machine

On top deck

Just one of the propeller blades 

The holding bins

Then back to the engine room

Back off the ship looking across the waters.

Hope you enjoyed it… 

Walking back to hotel

See the church steeple.. I’ll take you on a tour of the church in next post.

Until then enjoy your week!! Deb

Oct.4th, then Museum quilts

The first quilt that I’m posting was amazing, made by Granny Irwin. 


Impressed? I sure was!! 

Another one of her crazy quilts

The next quilt was made by Earl Blackwell, he was disabled with emphysema.He would work,on the quilt while propped up in bed. His wife hand quilted the quilt, it took her only three months.

This quilt was made by a 15 yr old girl in 1864.  
How about the twisted tobacco on this quilt..  
The lady who made this quilt traveled so she gathered fabric from each State for this quilt   

The hand quilting on this quilt ,puts my hand quilting to shame!!  
I bought this book while there at the museum,it is awesome read of the people . Just a small peak… 

Sorry that it is sideways…😕

There is so much more to see and the photos only show a fraction what is to see and feel!!

So if you are going though Tennessee, look up the Museum, stop and visit for its a wonderful place to stretch your legs. If your a quilt lover than purchase the book to read on the way home, you’ll not be sorry!

Now back to my “life “

Oct 2nd, Appalachia Museum

On our way home from the school reunion, Monday morning, hubby gave me the option of stopping wherever I got the notion to stop along the way home. That wasn’t gonna be hard I thought for there’s always a quilt shop to be found. And sure enough I spotted a billboard that read the best prices around… We turned off the exit that was given on the sign,then took up the hunt for the store. I got sidetracked when I saw this beautiful place with a wonderful sign that read ” The Museum of the Appalachia” let the past touch your soul. All thoughts of bargain fabric flew out the window, and I promptly said let’s stop right now to see this place. Hubby ,I believe must of been praying that something other then a fabric store would appear. 😉 He was very willing to turn around to pursue that fancy of mine.

And OH the fun we had!!!!!!


Clay county,Kentucky, was a leading salt producer in the state during the 19th century. Goose creek met the red bird river to form the South Fork in Kentucky, where there were salt works.


Talk about small houses, I think this one takes the prize for being the smallest! One room , that wasn’t much longer than his bed,and the width about the same as the length. In the one room there was a bed ( along the left wall) a small stove across from the bed to your right with a small stand / table. He had a few other possessions in there a bean pot , frying pan and a fiddle.there was a sign saying he made the statement that,that’s all a man needed.

In the above photo,hubby sitting like the old man in the picture that’s hanging on the outside wall.


This is a little playhouse that a father made for his only daughter. The little quilt was lovely in the doll cradle. 

This was the home of Daniel Boone. As I stood inside of this cabin I try to imagine how it would feel to sweep the dirt floor, to stand over the fireplace to cook,to wash clothes with a scrub board and tub,and to mend clothes,knit by the dim candle light and how cold the winters must have been . It boggled my brain!!

All I can say is the strength of these dear ladies was amazing!!

Inside the church. Do you think one could fall asleep on those benches?!

Ever read the book Christy? Benches and desk from her schoolroom. 

If you have never read the book ,it is a wonderful book to read.

Wonderful old looms, cotton gins, and spinning wheels.

This loom was in the little loom house. Hard to get a good picture for it was darker in there with no lights.

A two seater privy. 

There was so much more to see, barns ,more houses,workshops and a whiskey still. Pictures just can’t tell it all. 

A doctors office 

And bits of wisdom for all!

Coming up next … The wonderful quilts that were there!! 

Oct. 1 st,a cute two room house

Hubby and I went to Ohio for a 70th school reunion that he attended as a child in 3rd and 4th grade.

We were put up in this little house that was owned and lived in by the aunt of the older couple ,who so kindly invited us to stay there. 

 The kitchen was on the left side as you walk in the door . The microwave was the most modern item in the house. 🙂 There was just a few electrical outlets,but no running water. One needed to get water at the hand pump just outside the door.

 This bed was on the right side as one walk though the door.  

The little living room across from the bed.

At the end of the kitchen and across from the living room was this cute little high hair.

This the main bedroom. The quilt was made out of polyester knit fabric,the quilting done by hand was lovely.

This little room was at the end of the bedroom. I know that come winter it was much nicer to use this little room then to have to go out to the out house!!!

Hubby and I enjoyed our stay,also made me appreciate running water that one doesn’t have heat by stove or microwave to have hot water, and the potty pail…well let’s just say that it wouldn’t have been fun to be the chore that Mom left you in charge of!!!!

Some more of our trip coming up in the next post….until then I’m back to the quilting frame. 😄

Sept 4th, an old barn

As hubby and I were traveling to VA.,we pasted this old barn in a very lovely setting. I quickly snapped a shot of if as we went flying past. Today when I pulled the picture up to see how it turned out,….I was taken down memory lane.

As a child, I grew up on a dairy farm,owned by my grandpa and farmed with the help of my dad. I have a brother who is a few years older than I. We loved the barn! We would play in the hay bales making tunnels with sudden drops that were delightfully scary as you crawled through in the dark. We would swing over the piled up loose hay and drop into it. 

In the spring , we would watch the pigeons hatch their young,and once we try to rescue a baby when it fell from the nest. It most of hurt itself to much from the fell ,for it only lasted a few hrs. I always hated when critters hurt.

Oh, how wonderful that barn would smell when fresh hay filled the loft! I won’t say what the down stairs smelt like on hot humid day.:))

There was one thing that my brother and I were not to do… But slipped it in if we thought we could get by with it, that was to climb the silo. It was so delightful to sit on top and see the view,for one could see for miles!

Those days were good days,but time has moved on. The barn we played in is gone now,so as I looked on this picture I wondered what stories it could tell… and how long it will be before it will too be gone? Kinda of sad isn’t it.

Now for a quick change of subject, (which is a trait of mine)  I saw this pattern on Pinterest. I loved it, so of course I wanted to make one for myself. My son made the frame for me out of scrap broads and old barbed wire. I was thrilled with the way it turned out!

Now backing to hand quilting…

Mar.1st Trip with Hubby

Every year my Hubby goes to business meetings. This year they were held in Illinois. I enjoy riding along with him ,although I  don’t go to their classes. I take my sewing machine,to use up the time. I won’t show the sewing projects today. I need to take photos. I’m going to show some of the pictures of the trip.
The weather was cold!!! Now I don’t like cold at all, but if I had to deal with it I may as well enjoy it.

These were taken in Tennessee, we couldn’t stop ,so pictures were taken while driving.


Kentucky was beautiful with its white covering.

image image

We arrived at the hotel that had 30 floors. We were on the 28th floor, the view was beautiful. I enjoyed watching from the big windows, it looked like I was watching a miniature village. There were trains,Police officers on duty,fire trucks, bicycles,helicopters landing on the emergency pad,and little people walking streets.



the next morning change the scenery with a fresh snow.


image If you look close at this picture you can see the train that had 95 cars being pulled by two engines.

Then on the way home ,we stop to fuel up the car. I got out to undo some stiff joints. I came across this little grave site settled in a little clearing in the woods.There were more graves there ,a pillar type stone and several little ones. One was of an infant.

image image

it is good to be home where temperatures are more to my liking! 10 degrees below 0 degrees is way too cold for this southern girl!! 🙂

sewing project will come soon. Deb