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March 26, a pile of odd cut vintage blocks

First I did finish this top for a local sewing group.

I picked up some blocks awhile back, when I started measuring them I soon discovered that they were all different in size. Now I’m know to be a little lazy at times…. So I decided to do a 4 patch nosegay pattern. Problem 1, I wanted to tie this quilt so I needed larger seams. Problem 2 all the patterns I found were for more blocks smaller in size than what I had. Problem 3 changing measurements without hubby ‘s brains. Disaster!!

So did I want to wait until evening when Hubby came home? Nope, I got my paper and pencil out ,drew what I wanted on it then added the amount of seam allowance on that ,then paper pieced the block. Worked like a charm.

No extra trimming other than for paper piecing seams.

Now the fun beings! 😀

I’m going to use the brown in all blocks with these fabrics to give a more scrappy look.

Four blocks done.

Now back to my sewing machine, Deb


March,24th. Spring and sewing

We are now back to warmer weather, for which I’m glad for!

I did finished up the tied quilt,and it was received with delight.

I’ve still been trying to reduce the scrap pile. Some blocks that I’m working on.

Here is a top that I finished with the butterfly’s.

The heart blocks I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. I’ll decide after I finish this top.

The strips will run across sideways instead of up and down.

Until next post… Deb

Mar.4 blocks and tops and still some unfinished projects..

There’s so many things you can do with a machine and fabric, that I have a problem with keeping at one project at a time….

Here is the Fire hosta island top , I still have the one side to finishe up,I have all the difficult parts done.

Did this dress for my great niece. She was needing some school dresses. I finished up two for her.

This is a queen size top that I put together on my trip. It will be tied and given to a young couple that are to be married in April. They will be livening in Montana,so I will put heavier batting in it than what I would for hand quilting.

Once again the scrap box was fussing that it was sitting on the shelf for too long! These melons are  fun to make, and before I knew it,I had made a stack of them. I really like doing the stitching around them. I had to make a starch out of Epsom salt to stiffen the bottom fabric for it wanted to ripple at the corners way too much. And I didn’t have enough regular starch..Works great, This is a 12.5 ” block.

Now back to sewing, Deb

Mar.1st Trip with Hubby

Every year my Hubby goes to business meetings. This year they were held in Illinois. I enjoy riding along with him ,although I  don’t go to their classes. I take my sewing machine,to use up the time. I won’t show the sewing projects today. I need to take photos. I’m going to show some of the pictures of the trip.
The weather was cold!!! Now I don’t like cold at all, but if I had to deal with it I may as well enjoy it.

These were taken in Tennessee, we couldn’t stop ,so pictures were taken while driving.


Kentucky was beautiful with its white covering.

image image

We arrived at the hotel that had 30 floors. We were on the 28th floor, the view was beautiful. I enjoyed watching from the big windows, it looked like I was watching a miniature village. There were trains,Police officers on duty,fire trucks, bicycles,helicopters landing on the emergency pad,and little people walking streets.



the next morning change the scenery with a fresh snow.


image If you look close at this picture you can see the train that had 95 cars being pulled by two engines.

Then on the way home ,we stop to fuel up the car. I got out to undo some stiff joints. I came across this little grave site settled in a little clearing in the woods.There were more graves there ,a pillar type stone and several little ones. One was of an infant.

image image

it is good to be home where temperatures are more to my liking! 10 degrees below 0 degrees is way too cold for this southern girl!! 🙂

sewing project will come soon. Deb