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Oct.16 a little quilt show

This week has been a slow week for me,as I put my back out. Thankful my chiropractor has made a big difference in my lower back from last weekend to this weekend! Can’t say I’m fond of hobbling around, it does make me thankful that this isn’t permanent.

So I haven’t accomplished much in the sewing room to write on. I did come across some pictures of quilts that I did some years back.

For this quilt, I made the pattern which I called climbing for the stars. My daughter Lynn is now the owner of it.

Next is a top I did for my mom,she had her church ladies hand quilt it for her.

Then a throw quilt for hubby’s mama, which I made a mistake on and didn’t notice it until  I was handquilting it. Can you find it ?

A bear paw quilt that has been on my bed for awhile, and still love it.


This last one I made for my middle daughter LouAnn

I did manage to get 45 blocks put together for the red embroidered block quilt.

Have a good creative week, Deb

Ps.. the first picture is of my youngest grand baby. He’s are real sweetheart.


Oct 13 th, Elijah Clark State Park… part two

As I was walking around his home place, I wondered what he looked like,also what kind of man he really was. According to the encyclopedia,he had a very strong,driven personality. He was a poor,illiterate frontiersman who married Hannah Herrington. It seems from reading that he had a real fondness for fighting, one of the wars that he fought in was the Revolutionary war.

Here are pictures of  the old home place…

I love the stone chimney and the shutters…look how they dovetailed the logs !

Here were some signs that were interesting.. the museum is open to public during a set time,which I missed.

And that, my friends ,is a short insight of Elijah Clark. The park is a lovely place to visit!

Have a great day! Deb

Oct. 9th… Elijah Clark State Park.. part 1

Lovely weather has come to Ga. ..well that is if you don’t think about Hurricane Matthew that just blew though for a few days. We as a family decided once again to go camping before winter came . 

Elijah Clark State Park is not far for us to go,it is just north of us about 1 1/2 hrs drive. It is a beautiful place  with Lake Strom Thurmond flowing though it. 

We enjoyed watching the boat go up and down the lake,hubby and girls enjoyed getting in the lake,I enjoyed feeding the Canadian geese.

 Leona getting some sun on those legs.:)

How does one fry a egg over a fire ,when there’s no frying pan..

.. use a long handle ladle spoon with some bacon grease in. Works great!!

One morning Leona and l went for a long walk,there was nice little trails to go on.

We saw lots of squirrels,even a walking stick bug who was crossing the road.

Neat tree roots formations 

Just nature


Canadian geese were so beautiful swimming ,

Goose with an attitude..

A curious goose …

Look closely and you can see fall coming to Ga.

We also had a coon visit us during the night, the coon must of been Goldilocks for it was trying out our chairs! It also eat all the Carmel dip that we had along with apples that evening while sitting around the fire. We forgot to take it in.

Part two …next post… that will be on Mr Clark.

Oct.3  Red embroidered blocks

I finally decided on the layout of the quilt that is to show off the red cross stitch blocks. At first I was going to put a sashing between them with a corner block. It didn’t make the blocks pop. So I did more searching for ideas. This picture gave me that light bulb moment.

So I started working on the block cuts and measurements. After two trial blocks I finally got the measurements spot on.

I started out with this color but soon discovered that I wasn’t going to have enough.

I need 75 blocks to complete this top, I now only have 17 done.

The cutting is all done and ready for sewing.

Some of the blocks laid out so you see the design better..

And oops, a blooper 😦

Off to find the seam ripper..😄