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Aug.13th, a miscellaneous post

This month is flying by so quickly! We have been butchering,enjoying company,and trying to keep up with yard work between the thunderstorms.
I did finish the pink and white top.

Put together this little lap throw, I used a cheat fleece piece for the backing. That was a real no- no ,but a lesson learned. It left the quilt rippled on the edges,as it stretched this way and that as I tried to sew.

My flowerbed is starting to show signs that it is time for cooler weather, although there is a few beauties left.

I still am learning to draw, while I know that my talents are limited, I so enjoy sitting down and doing a simple drawing of something I have seen around me. Here's a few things that I scratched out…

Does any body know how to keep cute little bunnies from eating all your lilies down to stalks? Isn't this stalk rather pitiful!!

Take care friends 🍄


April 10th… gardening and turtlesΒ 

I do this to myself every year … I don’t do a lot of  stretching  or bending through the winter months then come spring after a few days of digging ,hoeing and pulling weeds, I walk around like an old lady ,and popping painkillers before bedtime.😟 oh well ..the flowers will be worth it.

I didn’t do much sewing this week as the weather has been so lovely ,it is also high time I tackle the weeds . The flowers really took a set back when we had the killing frost a few weeks back,some will not bloom for the buds were frozen. The plants didn’t die so that is good. Here is  peek into my little world..

Verbena blooming


Kiwi starting to grow

Flowerbed duties

Lovely field of weeds ,our field so less.

Jenny ,our coyote chaser, a lot of farms have donkeys in the pastures for they will keep the coyotes out .

The sun was setting at one end of the house and the moon was rising on the other end

And now for the turtle ….my grand children found this little box turtle . It’s shell was still soft ,so it was newly hatched.

It is starting to eat for the children. They informed me his name is “Bert” and if they find out later on it’s a girl then his name will be changed to “Gert”. πŸ˜€   Bert is now a family member. 

Have a lovely week, friends.

Feb.12th…. signs… one lovely sad

I’m sure that some of you have meet Molly the Rottweiler that one day arrived on our farm ,starved and in sad shape, to then choose us as her adopted family.

She has been a real sweet dog that loved all on the farm even as much as licking the other dogs faces as if she was mom. Several weeks back I noticed a lump on her chest, didn’t think to much about it for Molly was active and eating well. Last week I noticed the lump increased in size and two others.. so after looking into it.. I know even more how ugly that cancer word can be! We had her put to sleep this week for she went down hill fast ,losing weight fast,and in pain…. I don’t like to see something suffer, so hard to see,and I would much  rather remember her full of life . Molly was with us for six  wonderful years .

Now for the lovely sign… SPRING

The camellia bushes had been so beautiful this year, even when the petals hit the ground.

I do believe the flowerbeds are soon going to need more work to be done in them… until then I have some sewing I want to finish first.

Jan.27th …sweet potato plant,and scrap update

I had an interesting find this week while trimming rose bushes, two large white sweet potatoes in my flowerbed! How did they get there… well, I planted two small oriental sweet potato plants that I had gotten out of a planter that was given to my daughter . I wanted to see if they would grow in the very acid soil,for most other plants other than roses won’t..

These plants grew like crazy making a great ground cover around the roses. I never once thought to check for potatoes when frost hit. Here are the potatoes that I found…

Come to found out that they are very high in calories …perfect for my daughter. Leona loves them.πŸ‘ 

Update on the scrap projects…

Log cabin blocks all ready to sew…

209 blocks done in these blocks… only 20 more to go

And a little baby quilt out of the string blocks..

Have a lovely week all… Deb
Ps.. remind me not to take on any more scraps for awhile.. I still have a small storage tub and a men’s boot box full to do yet..πŸ˜„

June 26 th,Tumbling block vintage quilt

I do not own very many old quilts. One reason is .. I only have so much room in my small house, the other reason .. Often they are priced over my budget.

The quilt I am going to share today is a vintage 1930-40’s quilt. It was found while walking though a flea market with my daughter. The red caught my eye.. So I walked over to take a look ,maybe take a picture ,not even dreaming of buying it . Can you imagine that?!! Well, I didn’t have much cash in my wallet for I was only there with my daughter who was looking for boys clothes. I was more interested in watching my grandbabies. Until.. 

As I was looking at the old quilt, totally lost in all the lovely old fabric,I’m a very one tracked brain person who can get very lost in my own thoughts, when I heard this quiet voice saying ….. Here’s how that conversation went..

Ma’am,do you quilt?

A startled me.. Me? You asking if I quilt?!

Yes, you see the quilt needs some mending. The quilt was found in an attic and the mice got into it, also some staining.

Oh yes I quilt, the mice holes aren’t to bad ,it could be repair .

You would like to buy it?

Oh ,would I . It’s very beautiful. ( by now I’m holding my breath)

You can have it for $2.

2.00 dollars!! My mouth I know had to be wide open..

Yes, she sweetly reply. 

I have never pulled out $2 so fast out of my purse! 

With a kind” enjoy”,she handed me the quilt.

I rested assured her I would.

And still am! 

More lovely fabric scraps

Some repair work

Biggest stain mark..

The quilter did a stitch in the ditch around the little diamond

Whole quilt view..

Who ever the quilter, it was done beautifully.

Now for some heat loving plants . Crepe myrtles do really good in the south,as do the lantana. The last week, temperatures have been really warm in the high 90’s to low 100’s. I believe the thermometer read 104 today. These beauties love that heat while other plants back off blooming.

Have a lovely week friends, Deb

May 8 th… Flowers

β€œHappiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.” β€• John Harrigan

The flowerbeds are showing their appreciation of the care that they received this spring. Enjoy .



Wild flowers

Day lily


Gerber daisy

Green plums

Little green grapes

New growth of Kiwi

Life outside of my sewing room window

And I have been sewing when I have a minute… Have 34 little blocks done. 

Happy Mother’s Day !

April,16th …Garden time

  Or should I say weeding time! I have neglected the flowerbeds for helping with son’s fixing up house and moving . Weeds sure didn’t waste anytime growing.πŸ˜• This is the one end of the flowerbed that I haven’t done yet.😳 

I did get out there some this week and here is what the other end looks like.

I enjoy working in the flowerbeds ,it is very relaxing . Here are some of the plants that are flowering now.

Gerber daisy






And of course a puppy needs to be add in 😊 they are so much fun as they are starting to play ball . They don’t have the know how of “bring it back ” they want you to chase them. 


I also have a few more blocks put together for this quilt top.

Have a lovely spring week, friends.πŸ˜„ Deb

Feb.28th,a fairyland and a quilt

Yesterday hubby and I went to a home and garden show. It was a lovely day for it,Sunny and  in the 60’s.

There were many interesting things to see ,and learn,fun to pick up flyers for tips on gardening. The best thing there though was this little garden display,it was delightful!!


I did get to do some sewing ,as the quilts need to go out this weekend.

I had a pile of scraps that were small strips. I just stacked the strips and started to sew they together until about 7″ long.

Trimmed up the block to 6 1/2″ then sewn together with a plain blue block.

 Then five little puppies arrived … Jack Russell Terrier,and Terrier mix. Life is going to get interesting until they are able to be put into good homes. 

Found this in the material box of grandmas fabric,it was folded in a piece of fabric. It is plain  cotton muslin. I think I will frame this. I wonder if it was a pattern or something Grandma never finish…..what ever the case it is not going to be cut up for a quilt.:)

Take care friends, Deb


August 5th, summer delights and a finished top!

As Georgia turns on the summer heat to the 100’s ,there is still much to enjoy. 

 like spending a weekend with these two sweeties.


Or helping hubby fix a garage door for a fella who does taxidermy,

Or trying to capture pictures of butterflies, 

This plant loves the heat , other plants can melt ,die and just plain look awful,not this one!

I did make time for a little sewing…..

My Charlecote quilt top is finished!

Now I most work hard on all my hand quilting.

Oh I almost forgot this picture… I call it Jack and the bean stalk. Only it’s a kiwi plant reaching for the sky. My daughter pointed out that there is a little stick figure of Jack running up the vine. Can you find it?!πŸ˜„

Now back to quilting… Deb

April 23, flowers, flowers and little dresses

Spring has come into full swing here in the south. That’s means weeds ,and more weeds besides the mulching that needs to be done! I also forget from one spring to the next how achy muscles get after a winter. I also forget that I’m going to keep up with workouts so I don’t get sore….

Earlier in a post I posted a picture of a dormant flowerbed..

 This was my flowerbed bed this morning.

Here are some flowers close up. The Amaryllises did really good this year.

  Can you see that I still have some work that’s needs done?
  One of my knockout roses


4th of July climber

  Gerber daisy


  This little fella seemed to enjoy watching what going on in the flowerbed.

I did get the rest of my blocks done on the nosegay blocks. I also got a little dress made for a friend . These little dresses are so fun to make.

Back to work… Have a great day! Deb