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May 22nd, a soldier’s cot quilt

I enjoy history ,and if it has the word quilt in it ,I really get excited. So for in remembrance of Memorial Day,I want to share a quilt that is a reproduction of the soldier’s cot quilt that I did some years ago, with its history

These quilts were made to fit a cot for the soldiers of rhe civil war. The size 4′ by 7’4″. They were made from scraps, donated blankets cut in half, the north made as many as 250,000. The southern ladies had more of a challenge for calico fabric was very pricy costing 25 dollars a yd towards the end of the war,so they cut up carpets,and mattress were torn apart for fiber to spin. There were so few of the quilts that survived as they were used hard, sometimes being used as a burial cover.

As I look upon this cot, my mind’s eye sees a group of northern ladies sewing together sharing news, good and bad, sad at times with the sewing needle becoming blurred … Southern ladies ,black and white “hopefully putting color aside “to work though the hard task of finding means to make a quilt or comfort for their men, also sharing worries and good times.

I’m so thankful for all soldiers sacrifice in service whether it was years ago or today. May many prayers be offered up for each one!!

My lilies are blooming, they smell wonderful!

Have a blessed week, Deb


May 15th, tool auction!!

There is one thing I love to do that my hubby finds amusing. I love an auction. I love sitting there listening to the auctioneer chanting the price,the helpers with their yep,watching the bidders as the price goes higher.i don’t need to buy a thing, I don’t go to bid or buy. Although I had been caught up in the excitement of bidding on something I really wanted. It doesn’t matter if it is a farm auction ,estate, or tool . I’m always ready for an auction.

So when hubby said there was an auction down town that had some tools that he could use,he looks my way with a grin ..didn’t say a word. My reply ..yep I’ll go!

It was a wonderful evening not hot nor cold,no bugs or skeeters to pester a body, the people pleasant with auction anticipation written on their faces. I had a good feeling this was going to be a good auction.

I picked my seat so I can watch the crowd after I walk around to view the tools with hubby.he doesn’t care where we sit as long as there is some air flow.😊 I was getting caught up in the auction when my phone went off.. Oh bother  ,was my thought . It was my Mom ,couldn’t push the ignore button on I worked my way out as to see how she was . We had a lovely chat. 

Back to working my way to my seat, when I noticed Hubby had this excited pleased look on his face. When arriving at my seat I grinned with” what have you been up to?”  The lady in front of me turned around with a big smile watching us when hubby pulled a quilt top out of an old bowl. Imagine that.. I was shocked! A lovely vintage hand sewn quilt top at that, in wonderful shape at a tool auction. Now I will quit yackin and show you some pictures.

Now wasn’t that a good auction?!😄

Have a good week friends. Deb 

May 8 th… Flowers

“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.” ― John Harrigan

The flowerbeds are showing their appreciation of the care that they received this spring. Enjoy .



Wild flowers

Day lily


Gerber daisy

Green plums

Little green grapes

New growth of Kiwi

Life outside of my sewing room window

And I have been sewing when I have a minute… Have 34 little blocks done. 

Happy Mother’s Day !