Sept.17th down memories lane

My brother sent me this photo of our cousins , my brother and I.

It is amazing how time has flown…. we are both grandparents with silvery hair. Would you believe …me more so than him?! I have more hair though.😉

My brother and I were the best of friends. ( most times) He was my comforter when the old stairs up to our bedrooms would creek and groan with that sound coming closer and closer until I was terrified,and making a mad dash for his bed. We did dishes together , fed chickens, rode bike, fished and also got into trouble together.We found out that stealing Sunday school class money was not a good thing to do. We looked for ways to make a little money so we could go to western auto to buy those match boxes for 25 cents.

We loved to make barns out of card board boxes ,catch toads for cows, and use old corn ,seeds for planting. My brother had a John Deere and I had an International Farmall.

We lived just down the lane from Grandpas farm. In Grandpas barn in early spring , there was to be found corn that had a pink coating that would make your hands pink when playing with……So my brother and I decided to borrow some of Grandpas good seed corn for play. It was so fun hauling it around with our tractor and trailers. We were real farmers now!

Life was good until Grandma found out we had taken some of that prized corn ,then giving us a good warning to leave the corn alone…

Farming was just no fun without that corn, we needed some so bad. Up the lane we went ,sneaking around the old barn to the shed where that corn was stored. We were just entering the shed when we heard the farmhouse screen door slam. We made a mad dash for a hiding place.. I hid in one side of a wheel well of the closest tractor and my brother in the other wheel well. We might of pulled it off if I hadn’t snickered when grandma went strutting by. 😳😁😂 needless to say the apple switch lesson kept us out of that corn!!

As we grow older, my brother and I are still close. He has a lovely wife ,whom I get along with wonderfully. My hubby and brother love boating together. Many memories there….

I am so blessed to have an older brother like him!

Next post I will show you a lovely old log cabin quilt top that was put together around the civil war era. It’s a lovely top!!

I have been doing a lot of hand quilting lately so I can finish up some quilts. A little secret is that I really got catch up listening to a book by Ronald C White on President Grant . It is very interesting!

Have a good week , Deb


16 thoughts on “Sept.17th down memories lane

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    I suppose you must know by now that the lovely pink coating (that reminded me SO much of the “Lucky Elephant”
    pink popcorn we could get as kids: ) was actually a fungicide to keep the corn from rotting if/when the soil was still too cold at planting time? And also explains why your grandmother was so strict about you kids NOT playing with it… ):
    *sigh* I often wonder why adults wouldn’t(don’t) just simply explain why one shouldn’t touch certain things…

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    1. Deb Post author

      Yes, I learned about that lovely pink coating later on.:)) Grandma was a dear lady ,who taught me many things,but she also was one that when she said something she expected you to listen. I thank her for that for it did help me in many ways.

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  2. KerryCan

    Your memories brought back so many of my own! There is no better way to grow up than on a farm with a close sibling. For me, it was my sister and what a grand time we had! Looking forward to seeing that quilt top!

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    1. Deb Post author

      I so agree! Even now I love the farm life, although it’s on a much smaller scale. We didn’t milk the cows anymore,can’t say I miss that schedule. 🙂


  3. kathyreeves

    Love this walk down memory lane, Deb. Growing up on the farm was the best. I was always a little sad that our kids didn’t have that, but their dad gave them excellent lessons in range plants and gardening, so they got a little taste, just not the animal part. I have great memories of napping with newborn Holsteins after mama had cleaned them up. Their white coats were SO clean and soft, and they were so tired after we filled their tummy with colostrum. Thanks for bringing back such great memories!

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    1. Deb Post author

      I doubt Mom did,it was my cousins birthday party,I have a feeling Auntie made it. Glad you enjoyed the farm life. We do have one thing in common we were both raised near water.

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