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July 31… Warm summer day

It has been very warm here as I have posted before,so when three active boys wanted to spend the day at PopPops house I needed to think of something to keep them busy. Riding bike or playing with their trucks would soon make very sweaty little boys. Walmart came to the rescue with these neat little packets of water balloons! So easy to fill…

That it didn’t take long until we had a tub full..

I will let the pictures tell you the fun they had, and the fun increased when PopPop decided to join in.

This little fell is a more cautious fella so opposite of his older brothers! I tried to get him to slide around on an old shower curtain with bubbles but all he would do was walk though it. Oh ,well at least he enjoyed getting his feet wet. 😊

When the balloons all popped then the baby shampoo and sprinkler were the next items to provide the fun.

After about an hour of cool sprinkler water , Brendon came the the laundry room door asking for a towel for it was cold outside.

Brendon is the one with the short short buzz… Why the buzz … Older brother decided to try his hand at hair cutting!!😳lol

Here’s what youngest son does on a warm Saturday..

Until next week , enjoy your week. Deb


July 23, walking down memories lane

One of the bloggers that I follow ,Love those” hands at home” asked if we have a photo that held summer memories? Now I’m sure that Mom has a few that I would love to share but that is going to have to wait for a bit for Mom is close to 700 miles from me. I must say that the long distance didn’t keep me from going down that long memory lane. There were so many delightful memories that I have of my brother and I and then ..Some that were not so good back “then”…Like when my brother ( Leon) locked me in the chicken pen, with a rooster that wasn’t so nice. Now , it was mostly my fault that he locked me in there for I was bragging that ” I wasn’t afraid of that rooster “!😳 lol … I never bragged that sentence again!! 

So with rooster on my mind I decided to look online to see if I could find some pictures to show how the old chicken houses were that my brother and I had to do chores in..  There wasn’t a perfect match to what our chicken houses looked like ,good enough to give you an idea away.

*note… This picture were from a DPI book .

We had three of these chicken houses on the farm growing up,so when the  bitties came in Leon and I were kept busy with filling water jugs and hand feeding fed into plastic lids.

The first jug is what we filled,held a good gallon of water ,then you screwed on a red lid and turned upside down like the bottom picture. There were around six jars to a brooder stove and as many plastic feed lids. Here is a picture of a house with brooder stoves .. Only they were lower to the shaving when bitties were just a few days old to three weeks old. They were raised higher as the birds got older.

As you can imagine ,it took sometime to water and feed the chicks, ( because of our houses being a shed type house there was only one row of hoods on the other side of the poles..cut this chicken house in half to get a better picture.)But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ,right! Well, Leon and I had a cure for that!!! There was a rail that carried the feed cart down the middle of the houses… Now that cart rolled real good from one end of the chicken house to the other end. Let me tell you it was also a delight to ride in! BTW.. We never derailed.:)

When the bitties were three weeks old ,they were big enough then to drink out of the water troughs and the feed line. That meant picking up the dirty jugs and plastic feed lids. They were washed and stored in a side shed for the next go around. Whose job was it to washed them? Yep … Leon and I .  Of course,that job could be right down fun in the summer! ( winter time ..not so much) water tubs and a water hose spells water fight ,right? Right!! 😄
  Now to find time to go see Mom!! 

The lovely rose moss likes Ga heat. 

Have a great week , friends! Deb

July,17th.. A quick trip

My weeks plan was completely changed from what I had thought it would be!! We received a call from Hubby’s mama that aunt Grace had quickly passed away. They think that she had ALS, she had been in a wheelchair for two years because of her back which gave her a lot of pain. The disease slowly work is way up to her lungs and she died from carbon dioxide as she could breathe in but not out. 

So… A funeral was quickly a part of my weeks plans. The part that I wasn’t looking forward to was the part that it was in Ohio… A 13 hr drive….. We were also very limited to how long we could be gone for my girl wasn’t feeling good ( not a good week for her either) . We couldn’t leave until  Thursday night until middle daughter came to care for Leona..we left at 7:30 ..arrived out in Ohio in time to wipe the tired wrinkles from the eyes and fresh clothes for the Funeral at 10:00 Friday morning.

Now hubby has many cousins in that area,  so after the funeral, it became party time ! Even uncle Henry enjoyed the action all around him,and joined in.  We finally saw a bed at 12:30 am Saturday. Slept until 7:30 then on the go again to have breakfast with cousins. One of the cousins and I decided to check out some yard sales that looked like fun. And they were fun! 😄 find a small portable ironing board to go beside my sewing machine! 👏👏    Left for home around noon and arrived before 1:00am Sunday morning. Oh… Let me tell you that my bed felt wonderful!! 

When traveling there were was wonderful moments that were breath taking! First one…

It reminded me of a person praying on their knees.

Second one…

The camera doesn’t near catch the colors.

Then the cousin that I went to the yard sales with shared her quilts that she had….

This one was from her great grandma… Don’t you love those little blocks!! Date of quilt 1920’s

The back of quilt

Quilt 2 .. This one was from a elderly lady that she worked for..

I didn’t get a picture of the whole quilt… Limited time 🙁…. It was mostly feedsack fabric and in excellent shape!! Also like how she put little stripes between the four patch blocks. Date of quilt .. Probably 1930’s

Have a great week ! Deb

July 10th… More ties and flowers

I made a goal to get eight quilt top together. Well…. I didn’t make that goal…. I did get 6 quilt top sewn and tied. They didn’t get the binding finished though.

Here they are……

I might not have reached my goal but I’m tickled with what I did get done. Now time to take a walk though the flowerbed..



dwarf zinna

purple cone flower

tiger lily





canna lily


canna lily

Have a great week! Deb

July 2, a knotted quilt

I  know there’s information on how to knot a quilt,even YouTube tutorials ,so why am I writing another?! 

I  love a knotted quilt. They are so charming with their “home sweet home ” look. I learned to knot a quilt way before I learn to quilt one. I have used just about every kind of fabric in them from upholstery,men’s ties,knit polyester ,corduroy ,flannel and cotton. 

I have cut blocks out of top sheets ,shirts,skirts,and jeans. It is also a good way to use little balls of yarn that you have laying around and not sure what to do with.

I used to knot the quilts on the floor, that’s when I was, now I do it on my table. My knees like me better for it.:)

Let’s start…

First I put something down on the table to protect it from the sharp needle point. I use old calendars that hubby gets from business companies. They are made of heavier paper but not as thick cardboard.

I tape it down with packing tape. Then lay down the backing using the tape to stretch the backing out nicely so there are no wrinkles. Packing tape is nice to use for it pulls up  nicely when you need to reposition the quilt.

Now that the backing is stretched out nice and smooth,with a three inch hang over on the one long side of table , the other side is hanging almost to the floor or on the floor depending on the size of your quilt. You want the hang over so you have room to make your binding. Be sure to give three to four inches on the other three sides also for the binding.

Then comes the batting ,lay it to the edge of table where you have the three inch hang over.smooth out the wrinkles but don’t tape it down.

Lay quilt top on batting leaving at little bit of batting sticking out around the edges  as shown in photo.

Now you are ready to start knotting. 

I use quilting gloves,it helps with pulling the needle though,ones hands don’t get so tired,or sore.

When threading your needle cut your yarn to a point ^ ,pitching the threads flat..threads easier that way.

I go from one block to the next like this before knotting.

Then I knot the rows that are over the calendar mat. Pull the tap up from backing ,pull the hold quilt several more rows over,( the side that had about three inches hanging over the side) retape the backing down…keeping everything smoothed out.

After the knotting is finished,trim off extra batting ,measure 1.5 inches from the quilt top on the backing for your binding.

Trim,fold ,pin binding then sew using a fancy stitch or a straight stitch. Ta da! Finished

The back of quilt..

I have several more of these to sew together this week. Well… Not several….eight of them. My goal is to get all of them done this week.. At least tops all sewn together 😃  Be a good week for it ,for its to be a hot week.

Happy July 4 th to all !!😄