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Oct 31st,The Library quilt

I have finished the Library quilt. It is ready for its new home.Here are some picture of the finished project.

image  image

image image image


I have also been working on my Fire Island Hosta queen quilt top.It is a challenge that Im enjoying.

I have each petal sewn together but not the flower itself, just laid out.


I put a quilt into my little lap frame to work on in the evening.It is a grandmothers fan done in vintage fabric.It reminds me of my Grammy, I can remember her wearing dresses made out of some of the same fabrics in the top. So I have name the quilt Little Grammy.:)

image  image

Happy Quilting,Deb


Oct. 25th, the bright quilt top

A sweet elderly lady gave me a bag of fabric that was to be use in making quilts for others.There was nice fabric that will be very helpful in making these quilts! At the bottom of the bag was a very bright quilt top that needed some help… the seams were thick in some places and the narrowed down to a thread holding a thread.Seams didn’t match up,some were off by a half an inch.So what do I do with this top?I sure didn’t feel like ripping it out to recut and sew together again, I couldn’t knot the top it would fall apart that the first washing!!..maybe I should just throw it out.

As I sat there looking at that poor top,I went down memories lane.

In my growing up days ,Dad and Mom worked hard to provide for us children,but there was some things we had to do without,like heat upstairs in the winter.It would get freezing cold,so cold sometimes that a glass of water would have ice on it.Mom always had plenty of blankets for us .We piled on the blankets,with only our noses sticking out,It was toasty warm down under those blankets!!

Do I remember if they were bright or ugly?No,I have no memory of what they looked like just that they were warm!! By then I couldn’t throw that top out, for that top finished just may give some cold little body warmth. I found backing ,batting ,and quilted with a sewing zigzag on the seams,bonded the quilt in black.It is ready for whatever comes its way!! And it sooo soft!


also got a top finished for the ladies sewing.Its a nine patch cut wonky.


was able to work on my Fire Island Hosta quilt. My daughter traced a extra piece off for me,as I wanted a back up in case I messed up. Snuggles just had to sit on her lap.


Here is what I’ve got done so far..


Have a good weekend!,Deb

Oct.17th, a wonderful week

I had a baby shower gift to finish up this week. I crochet a blanket for the little one.


oops,got my toe! 🙂

Now I’m working on a order of 12 table toppers for a youth banquet. Here are some of the ones done..  Still have 3 to go.



I also needed to cut out blocks for a ladies sewing circle. I was very busy for two days washing the fabric and cutting 7 in. Blocks out. I so enjoyed it !

imageimage one of the stacked blocks.

image blocks that I will be sewing together.

image the quilt top is to be sewn like this..

and when evening comes I recline to enjoy family,and continue quilting the Library.


Oh I must show what I was given to me by my family!! I have been dreaming of this pattern ever since I saw it! I made a promise to myself that I will NOT start it until I finish up my customers projects!! I think I better put it in a cabinet with a lock on it!!:)

image what a quilt!!

Now off to work….. Deb

Oct. 8th, Fall’s here!

The days are so lovely here now. The summers heat is gone. It is now time to get out the hot dogs and the marshmallows !!

We did enjoy a fire outside with some hot dogs roasted. Leona really enjoyed it for she is now able to go out some now that it is not so hot.


Then Leona and I took a walk, we enjoyed feeding the horses some wild pears, petting the dogs ( Molly and Teaser) and then the flowers.


When I got tired pushing the wheelchair , we enjoyed the shadows as they fell around us by the fire.


I have been doing some sewing… I have to cut some blocks for tops and sew some tops together for a ladies sewing circle. Here is a little boys top ( crib size) finished.


A close up of the fabric I used.


Happy Sewing, Deb