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Dec. 25…. merry Christmas

I had a very special blessing this Christmas and on my birthday.. I’m still in ” I can hardly believe it’s true ” stage.

Caleb Matthew …10 lbs 7 oz.

Merry Christmas to all my readers,and thank you for all your kind and encouraging words on my post!



Sept.17th down memories lane

My brother sent me this photo of our cousins , my brother and I.

It is amazing how time has flown…. we are both grandparents with silvery hair. Would you believe …me more so than him?! I have more hair though.πŸ˜‰

My brother and I were the best of friends. ( most times) He was my comforter when the old stairs up to our bedrooms would creek and groan with that sound coming closer and closer until I was terrified,and making a mad dash for his bed. We did dishes together , fed chickens, rode bike, fished and also got into trouble together.We found out that stealing Sunday school class money was not a good thing to do. We looked for ways to make a little money so we could go to western auto to buy those match boxes for 25 cents.

We loved to make barns out of card board boxes ,catch toads for cows, and use old corn ,seeds for planting. My brother had a John Deere and I had an International Farmall.

We lived just down the lane from Grandpas farm. In Grandpas barn in early spring , there was to be found corn that had a pink coating that would make your hands pink when playing with……So my brother and I decided to borrow some of Grandpas good seed corn for play. It was so fun hauling it around with our tractor and trailers. We were real farmers now!

Life was good until Grandma found out we had taken some of that prized corn ,then giving us a good warning to leave the corn alone…

Farming was just no fun without that corn, we needed some so bad. Up the lane we went ,sneaking around the old barn to the shed where that corn was stored. We were just entering the shed when we heard the farmhouse screen door slam. We made a mad dash for a hiding place.. I hid in one side of a wheel well of the closest tractor and my brother in the other wheel well. We might of pulled it off if I hadn’t snickered when grandma went strutting by. πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ needless to say the apple switch lesson kept us out of that corn!!

As we grow older, my brother and I are still close. He has a lovely wife ,whom I get along with wonderfully. My hubby and brother love boating together. Many memories there….

I am so blessed to have an older brother like him!

Next post I will show you a lovely old log cabin quilt top that was put together around the civil war era. It’s a lovely top!!

I have been doing a lot of hand quilting lately so I can finish up some quilts. A little secret is that I really got catch up listening to a book by Ronald C White on President Grant . It is very interesting!

Have a good week , Deb

July 2, Β Red River Campground

We stayed at this campground during our time of our son’s wedding. I found it had some interesting things to share! 

First if you love canoeing or Kayaking then you might want to put this place on your map. I was so bummed that we didn’t take our kayaks. I didn’t think we would have time,And the river would have been so fun to kayak. It had a wonderful current..

It isn’t a place for small children as there isn’t much for them to do.

The first interesting find was this little shed.

I thought it was a neat little shed so I walked over to see and was pleasantly surprised when I saw this …

The second point of interest…  

Yep .. a witch and her stories… oh it was so fun reading these boards.

If you wish to read more on the Bell witch go here ..Bell Witch Wikipedia. 

A few more photo of  the place…

I love this picture of my tired crew on the way home from Kentucky.

Have a great week,friends.πŸ™‚

June,24 th… Russell’s wedding

Traveling to Kentucky was…

First heavy traffic 

Then rain..

But the difficulties were worthy it, Saturday turned out to be a perfect beautiful day!

Now for pictures of some of the special moments 

Hubby and sons                                                                                             The girls and myself

The wedding reception was in a barn ,a lovely place. Come and see..

The cake her daddy made,isnt that special!!

Sending off the lanterns so a lovely way to end the day.

This photo is what happens when there is one photo setting after another! πŸ˜‚ Russ also had a insect bite  on the leg that was driving him crazy.

June 7…… my favorite book as a child

I decided to lay all the sewing aside for a bit , although I will say I see light at the end of the tunnel. I just have things like buttons to put on, pants to hem up and zipper tabs to sew down. Then all wedding attire will be done.πŸ‘πŸ˜„

I love the book of Misty written by Marguerite Henry.  I did as a child and still do. It has lovely illustrations that help fuel imagation for young and old, also heartwarming pictures that tell a story all its own. Let’s take a peek at this old book that was printed in 1972 ,given to me as a Christmas gift .

Pictures to fuel the imagination..


Heartwarming illustrations…

 I grew up not far from Chintcoteague, visited there occasionally ( Chincoteague has the best fried oyster ever!!!) but loved going to Assateague to see the wild ponies,playing in the sand and enjoying the ocean.

My children have had this book read to them, now it’s time for some grand children to hear it!!


May 14 th Mother’s DayΒ 

Today is not May 14 th, but what I’m writing about happened on this day . It was a very wonderful day ,for I enjoyed both my mother in law and my mom. One is 13 hrs driving timing and the other 10 1/2 hrs . Slim chance that it will happen again for one is 80 ,though in good health, my mom 76 not so much in good health, but that isn’t the important thing today.

Mom made a set of pillowcases for my son’s wedding and a pillowcase for each of the girls here at home yet.

Russell’s set ….more detail..

And this is what the girls looked like

It is just lovely embroidery, right? And it is lovely ,only there’s more to it than just lovely embroidery. Mom is totally blind in one eye,and very limited sight on the other side. Often one walks with her to guide her when she goes walking. So to do this she wears a magnifying glass around her neck with a very bright light over her work. It is a beautiful sight to see this beautiful old lady in a chair stitching away!!

Bet you had to go back to relook at that stitching.πŸ˜‰

Now back to my stitching as Russell’s quilt top needs to be finished this week.


ps.. daughter LouAnn framed hers … say it was to pretty to use as a pillowcase.

April 23 rd…. a very special photo

Life this week has been very VERY busy ,as my daughter and her family were with us for almost a week. They are from Virginia , so we don’t get to enjoy having them around as often as the other married children. Lynn was here to help me fix my dress pattern that I want to use for Russell’s wedding. This photo is special for it is so far our only granddaughter,and she loves her PopPop . He is her hero!!πŸ˜„ 

PopPop had a little follower a lot this week, she even informed him ” PopPop, I follow you”,

Have a wonderful week, Deb

Oh yes ,the feature photo …. the two grandchildren kept me in flowers all week.😍

Oct 13 th, Elijah Clark State Park… part two

As I was walking around his home place, I wondered what he looked like,also what kind of man he really was. According to the encyclopedia,he had a very strong,driven personality. He was a poor,illiterate frontiersman who married Hannah Herrington. It seems from reading that he had a real fondness for fighting, one of the wars that he fought in was the Revolutionary war.

Here are pictures of  the old home place…

I love the stone chimney and the shutters…look how they dovetailed the logs !

Here were some signs that were interesting.. the museum is open to public during a set time,which I missed.

And that, my friends ,is a short insight of Elijah Clark. The park is a lovely place to visit!

Have a great day! Deb

Oct. 9th… Elijah Clark State Park.. part 1

Lovely weather has come to Ga. ..well that is if you don’t think about Hurricane Matthew that just blew though for a few days. We as a family decided once again to go camping before winter came . 

Elijah Clark State Park is not far for us to go,it is just north of us about 1 1/2 hrs drive. It is a beautiful place  with Lake Strom Thurmond flowing though it. 

We enjoyed watching the boat go up and down the lake,hubby and girls enjoyed getting in the lake,I enjoyed feeding the Canadian geese.

 Leona getting some sun on those legs.:)

How does one fry a egg over a fire ,when there’s no frying pan..

.. use a long handle ladle spoon with some bacon grease in. Works great!!

One morning Leona and l went for a long walk,there was nice little trails to go on.

We saw lots of squirrels,even a walking stick bug who was crossing the road.

Neat tree roots formations 

Just nature


Canadian geese were so beautiful swimming ,

Goose with an attitude..

A curious goose …

Look closely and you can see fall coming to Ga.

We also had a coon visit us during the night, the coon must of been Goldilocks for it was trying out our chairs! It also eat all the Carmel dip that we had along with apples that evening while sitting around the fire. We forgot to take it in.

Part two …next post… that will be on Mr Clark.

Sept.12….a lovely camping weekend

To go on a long weekend of camping was what our special needs girl wanted to do for her 19th birthday. We were all delighted to do just that for her. 

So off to George Smith state park in Twin City which is only 35 minutes from where we live.

It was a laid back,fun weekend with lots of food done over the fire outside, hot dogs,steaks,and eggs with sides of potato salad,watermelon,baked beans,even grapes ,fresh plums ,donuts and bananas for breakfast sides.

Some highlights…. 

Walking Snuggles withLeona.. 


 Leona Canoeing with Dad and big brother Russell

Even I tried my hand at canoeing,Russ working his kayak paddle way better then I was. He was good at moving though all the trees …. Me? I just kept to the more open spaces. I only had to push myself away from a tree one time!πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

Daughter LouAnn and Dad having a good time together 

And special quiet moments of nature..

It was really hard trying to catch the sun on all the spider webs in the swamp where it was a perfect skeeter breeding area.the spiders were well fed!!

Lovely trails


Homes for birds

A home for the squirrels 

Cypress knees

And just beauty that soaks into the soul..

And the next blog will be on the museum that was on the grounds…