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March 24 th…. and she said “yes”

My son has been dating a lovely girl….

And then this 

And so wedding bells will be in June!

Of ,course I have a quilt to make!! I’ve started on it … here is half of it…

My … how time has flown,bringing more changes. Hard to believe that the youngest of my four boys is leaving the nest.



March 18 th…. the Creation and the Ark

I must say that this is the second time around that I’m writing this post, the first one ..much to my surprise ” with you’ve got to be kidding ” to internet disgust that it was all deleted because of an app crash.🙁

On our way home from Illinois we stopped at two museums,we really enjoyed them. It would have been nice if it had been warmer for the outside activities we didn’t do.. like taking the zip line.

The first museum we stopped at was The Creation Museum,it was very hard to get pictures without people for the places were very busy!

This big skeleton greeted all as they enter the lobby. Some info and a close up of front foot

Some of the displays of the garden of Eden before the fall..

All was peace until this…. then it was weeds ,thorns,  hard work,disease and death.

And then we went up a stairs and just around the corner was a  QUILT!!

It is a real work of art!!

We then went to the Ark

The ship was huge.. one knows that it was in order to hold all that it did it had to be large but when standing by the ark it is truly impressive!

Big pillars inside the Ark

I only was able to get a picture of one creature…

There was a small garden and a loom

And of course when there is a book about dragons .. I get excited ,I enjoy a dragon myth.

There was so much information and things to see ,that some of it we didn’t get to see because of all the people ,and we only had so much time. Still is was very enjoyable. 

March 15 th .. a few scrap quilt tops

I’m doing a short update on a few scrap tops that I put together . I want to get a few more done ,that way when hubby goes out of town here soon, I’m going to use the dining room table to knot the tops. When hubby leaves ,Leona and I just eat whenever,as the other children, ages 22 and 24 ,at home often have their own plans.

I was surprised at how the different creams and whites came together, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like using so many different shades of cream and white. Had to use a few other light colors to finish out the light out around the dark. 

Another log cabin that I messed up on in the far left zig zag. Lesson here .. never wait to sew a layout several weeks after laying out your pattern cause you forget just exactly what the plans were.

Working on a stack of these blocks now

Oh yes,I found the neatest way to quickly learn knitting online.

I must say that this tickled my funny bone😂

Break time over,back to sewing. Deb

March,12 th…. a trip up north

It is that time of year when hubby goes to dealer meetings again. I alway enjoy riding along ,taking a littler sewing machine then while hubby is in meetings I sew away. Here’s a peek into our journey.

We started out with temperatures in the upper 70’s … so in packing I only put in a heavy sweater forgetting just how cold some parts of the US still are. I really didn’t mind the temperature drop until it hit freezing and below temperatures…. needless to say there were a few times I was nearly frozen myself.😄

From hills to flat land

From warm to cold

From upside down house to huge tires

From lovely farms to rocky views

From red barns to brown ones

Now for all the quick miscellaneous shots…


Soooo… what did I work on while hubby was in meetings….. take a guess😄

Yep the double wedding ring quilt. I have 54 ring sides done. 

What the rings look like before trimming. I did sew a few of the rings together to see if it was what I thought it was going to look like in my minds eye to what quilt would really be. 

I’m happy with it! Sorry about the wrinkles as the iron was worthless there and I was afraid of ruining my fabric. Two of the rings aren’t sewn to the center neither.

I also took a book along to read,”Georgia quilts” what a wonderful book! I didn’t get it finished completely,but I did find a pattern in there  that would use my little scraps up ,that would make me very happy. It was made by two black ladies here in Ga .

The flower petals were done by Mary Lizzie Parham in her elder years then her daughter Annie Howard finished it after her mothers death. Fabric era… about the same time frame as what I’m working with now…. 

I believe the design is simple enough for me to make one similar.

We did go to two museums on the way home ,that I will do a later post on.


March 6th…. Bark Camp Church

Yesterday was a very lovely day,so I walked down to the little church at the end of our road which is 3/4 of a mile from our farm. This little church is full of history… let me show you this unique church.

This is the view you see when coming around a corner from our place.

The graveyard to your right, peeking though the woods.


The tombstones of the wealthier plantation owners and a soldier who died at the battle of Gettysburg.

And there are quite a few babies lain to rest … this always tugs at the heart as I stand there looking down at these little graves..there were several of the wealthy that loss little ones.


And of the less wealthy.. these were just a slab of cement with writing  laying above the grave.


The second grave where you see the stone broken,was probably done when Sherman was going though on his March from Atlanta to Savannah.

Undated grave,and a young lady’s 

Some of the more common graves of this area…

This grave site is of a wealthy plantation owner ,who had given written instructions of his burial. There is this reading inside the church.


This is the will in his handwriting,I found it a little difficult to read. How about you?

Now for the church…

The restrooms

Inside from the front of the church then from the back..


Interesting details…

The preacher wore the carpet thin and his candle overflowed a bit…. and the amen corner

The windows

The door and foundation



Back room ,and of course one had to have a fan in hand in June,July ,and August to survive the heat.

And now let’s go out under the trees for a potluck dinner and sweet tea…

A little creek running not far from the church… wonder if anyone was baptized here …

I posted a article from on line for more information if you care to read.