Feb. 25… another this and that post…

The challenge quilt is done ,and given back to the church sewing ladies. I enjoyed doing it but I don’t think I will do another one even though I have the pattern.

The colors aren’t true in the above photo…

A little more true here.

Now for spring flowers that are popping up very quickly ,the days have been warm and sunny.

Some unique photos… a trees that is washed out… gnarly roots.. limestone…. hurricane damage….

Birds nests,and one that also uses cotton for bedding!πŸ˜„

And a lovely sunset at the end of a beautiful day!

Have a great week !


21 thoughts on “Feb. 25… another this and that post…

  1. nwpaintedlady

    The quilt looks great. I love the photo’s you posted as well…spring is on the heels of winter. Can I ask where you live? Lots of rain? Uprooted tree and water erosion? The great northwest by chance? Sharon


  2. Lynda

    Your photographs are so lovely! I am so ready for spring. I have to remark on your second tree photo… it only took one glance to see the octopus. The roots being the tentacles coming up out of the ground and the callus on the trunk being an eye or its siphon. πŸ˜‰

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