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I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

Jan. 14…. from winter to

SUMMER… well not really just to a warm place…

We are having a winter this year with cold temperatures and snow ( a little snow) which makes for some lovely pictures but wait until you see the like summer ones that my daughter has sent to me as she is in Puerto Rico involved in hurricane clean up relief. First some cold photos….

Now for some warm ,sunny photos to warm our eyes….

And then after a very rainy miserable day … the sun shone through the clouds to give us this beautiful rainbow…

May this week be as beautiful as the rainbow.


Jan.7.. hand quilt along

I have so enjoyed seeing what everyone has been doing, makes my eyes so happy!

My update on my three projects. The one that got the most attention is the Fire Island hosta

Three weeks ago …

I was working from the bottom of photo to the top quilting the black and red points and the white piece right above it. Now I just have to finish the border and the rest of the red and white point piece.

Maybe by next update I will be able to say finished!🤞

Now the double wedding ring… last update here

Two rings done… today’s update

Over quarter of the way done. I’m founding out why I may have put this top in the bottom of the bag for so long I forgot I started it..the navy fabric wrinkles awful,and it is rather hard to quilt.

The back

And the Cathedral windows …. last here

Now here…

Thanks for dropping by!😀


And if you need some inspiration or ideas for a hand project check those post out!















Jan.3 ….my busy full life…

The last few weeks of last year were busy , full of lively chatter, lots of hugs ,kisses and then ……

There was wood cutting…

Good feeling to see the shed filling back up

Happy children…

Sleepy babies..

Castle building

Then the cold hit…. we went from flip flops to socks ,boots,and coats in 24 hrs time.

So the tender plants got covered with straw…

But forgot barn pipes 😱…..

Then today after the House became silent… very silent! Leona and I watch the snow fall softly down.

The stove was a real blessing to sit beside…

The new pencils I received as a gift I had to try out…

Keep warm one and all!

Dec.19… Kiffles

I had mentioned about a year ago that I would explain more on how to do Kiffles, I think I procrastinated.

Not any more will I procrastinate, here goes on how to make kiffles , a real favorite in this household. It is an old recipe handed down from my Grammy.

In a large bowl put a pound of butter (2cups) if it is not room temperature than warm butter in microwave. Add 1 cup of sour cream ,3 egg yolks and one whole egg. ( Set egg whites aside for tomorrow) 2 teaspoons of salt, 1 heaping tablespoon of yeast or one pack, and 4 cups of white flour. I mix all the ingredients except for the flour and yeast, which I add to the flour, then work the flour in by hand. The dough will be sticky rather like cookie dough.

Refrigerate overnight to let it rise.

Next morning add 1 cup of sugar to egg whites, and chop up 1 pound of nut.. pecan is what I use. Don’t add the nuts to the egg whites for you want to be able to sprinkle the nuts over your dough.

For the flour to roll your dough in mix 2 cups of white flour with 1cup of 10x sugar.

Heat oven at 375*

The dough will be stiff in the morning, but just divide the dough in half ,gently knead on a floured counter top until it becomes soft enough to roll out.

Roll out the dough using lots of the flour until thin about 1/8 th of an inch. Put half of the eggs white mixture on dough ,spread on well….

Then sprinkle on the nut meat….

Cut into about 2 inch strips then those strips into 2 inch blocks. (Smaller if you want your cookies smaller.) Roll the block ,then roll the block into a little flour ,and roll it with just a little pressure like it was a piece of play dough,then place on greased cookie sheet with seam down.

Bake for 12 to 15 minutes,don’t over bake . You want these to melt in your mouth.

Put some 10x on the counter where you will put the cookies to cool, after the cookies are removed from the oven sprinkle with 10x sugar.

When cool place on a plate and serve…Enjoy!

These also freeze well if you wish to make them ahead of time to be served.


Dec.17…hand quilt along

So what have I got done in three weeks on my three hand work projects…. let’s see.

First the double wedding ring..

The update..

A little done …two rings…

The Fire Island Hosta….

Went from the right corner to the way to the left corner….working on the black spikes now working back to the right corner.

With left corner closer to finished

Happy with how much I got done here. Now on to the Cathedral windows…

I did get several blocks done and some added to the main body of the quilt.

I discovered I really enjoy tucking those old blocks in.

Check out the others following the HQAL.. they are doing lovely ,talented pieces.















Dec.3…This and That.. #2

I haven’t said much of hubby’s work, but they ( hubby and son) made and set a gate up for a customer that is simply beautiful!

This is a picture of the gate right after the welding together was finished.

This is the gate being set in …..

The finished gate and side fencing. I’m proud of them , it is beautiful!

All of the boys enjoy welding but Mike the third son has a very steady hand and does the fine welding beautifully.

Then while cleaning the sewing closet because of a stinking mouse…. I found it in my roll of batting ,needless to say it was gross. I cut a nice size of it off,washed it on hand wash in the washer and hung on the wash line. It smells good again ,but I will need to use it in a rag quilt for some of it is a little messed up.

One nice evening we took a little family boat ride. It was a gorgeous evening.

Then to chase away a stomach bug blues away ,I worked on learning how to color flowers with pencil. I like to find a good book on pencil color painting.

And a few miscellaneous photos…

Have a good week, friends, Deb