Monthly Archives: August 2015

August 5th, summer delights and a finished top!

As Georgia turns on the summer heat to the 100’s ,there is still much to enjoy. 

 like spending a weekend with these two sweeties.


Or helping hubby fix a garage door for a fella who does taxidermy,

Or trying to capture pictures of butterflies, 

This plant loves the heat , other plants can melt ,die and just plain look awful,not this one!

I did make time for a little sewing…..

My Charlecote quilt top is finished!

Now I most work hard on all my hand quilting.

Oh I almost forgot this picture… I call it Jack and the bean stalk. Only it’s a kiwi plant reaching for the sky. My daughter pointed out that there is a little stick figure of Jack running up the vine. Can you find it?!😄

Now back to quilting… Deb