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June 28th, a party and a flight

It is hard to believe that it is the end of June! But oh the fun we have had! My family was busy with helping the new couple , Mike & Amanda to settle in their new home,and throw a welcome home party. 

This was taken on their wedding day in Puerto Rico. LouAnn was maid of honor and Russell was best man. Mikes siblings,my babies all grown up… And here I thought June went by quick!!

Lynn ,my eldest daughter, did the bouquet of flowers and managed the outside arrangements.

Her little daughter keeping an eye on things…. 


Ps.. I think she soo cute!! :)) 


I do believe that Aaron , my youngest grandson , is a little upset that cousins have food and not him!!

My husband and I made all the food, we served 165 that evening. Let’s just say when I got to bed that night,I slept beautiful!! :). We served coleslaw,pulled pork sandwiches,fried rice,Carmel popcorn and watermelon. The evening was on the warm side so there was lots of sweet tea with lemon to drink.

Hubby and I flew to Portland,Oregon for a funeral of a old family friend. It was beautiful there as the roses were blooming so wonderful. The highways were amazing to drive!! If you never been to Oregon,go in early June, you too will be swept off your feet by the lovely roses there. 

Before our flight home we went looking for a place to take a walk , our sitters were getting tired of sitting in chairs ;), this is what we found!

Which included  a creepy slug, many beautiful cedars and a running creek.

The morning was so fresh, that by the time to leave to catch our flight ,we were refreshed and ready to go.

Oh yes, I must not forget to include a picture of Mt. hood.


Now by to normal living. 😀