Monthly Archives: March 2016

March,15th… Puppies….

We have been enjoying the new 5 arrivals. Leona really has as she can hold them at this size, when they get stronger and more lively she will not be able to.

It is harder to stay inside with the lovely weather we have been having,and the flowerbeds do need attention now that the yard is free of limbs , trash that blow in from who knows where..and nicely mowed.

I did do a little sewing on these blocks ,using up the fabric of Grandma’s.   

Spring time also holds the wonderful adventure of yards sales. There is one called from peaches to beaches,and it is yard sales upon yard sales for hundreds of miles along one Route,starting at Barnsville,Ga ending up in Brunswick,Ga.

Hubby and l went to some of them to see if there was anything of interest… I never would of dreamed that I would of come home with a manual machine knitting setup. A man was selling his mama stuff as she was no longer living. He wanted to be rid of this knitter,so much so ,”you can take it for $20″, were his words when he started with a price of an hundred. 

I cleaned it up ,as it is a  manual missing 60’s model of Studio knitter that had sat in the attic. Learned how to do just a simple stitch,and the machine works great… Now I Need to learn more for I’ve never knitted anything in my life, Always crocheted . I also may learn that I was crazy to even mess with such an old machine.😳😄 but we just might be kindred spirits for I’m a 60’s model too. Lol

Have a good week,and Happy St. Patrick’s day, Deb