March 4 … a fresh start

In a few days I will wipe out all old blogs ,as my media is full and I don’t wish to pay 4.00 a month for upgrade. I will keep the same site …. but hopefully they don’t swipe out all my friends that I’m following… guess I’ll find out!

11 thoughts on “March 4 … a fresh start

  1. Oh Sew Tempting

    Do you really have to wipe everything? Seems such a shame. Why not start another blog and put a link to it in your last post here so we can all follow you over there? I appreciate you’ve probably already thought of that and dismissed the idea.

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  2. Deb Post author

    I didn’t wipe it all out as a fellow blogger gave me the advice to just add a new site … which I did. is the new add on site for me. 😄



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