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Sept.10th… diversity

Sitting here in my recliner with coffee cup in hand,listening to the rain and wind. We are to receive some of Irma’s nasty weather… hopeful the tornadoes that was on the news doesn’t come true. We are in need of some of the rain though as we are very dry.

Last weekend Russell and Kim were home, so good to have them here, we enjoyed a day out on the water, did a little fishing.

Spectators,who just blinked an eye as we rode by.

Lovely views …

Hubby enjoying himself… he catch a sting ray.

There were bottlenose dolphins swimming around,I tried hard to get a good picture of them jumping out of the water. They played hard to get.

The end of a beautiful day!!

Now for an update on some sewing…

I’m half way done on the double wedding ring quilt.

And I have a few blocks of the grandmothers fan done. I played around with the blocks to see what layout I would do…

Or this one

I rather like the last layout.

Did a small drawing of Snuggles. 😀

Take care,Deb<<

Nov. 23rd, update on projects

Not much done on the Fire Island Hosta Queen . I did get the center all put together and started on the swag borders.image

I also worked on ” Little Grammy quilt”.



I needed to do a memory quilt for a lady whose hubby passed away just a few months ago. She gave me his shirts and a few ties, also a few shirts of her own. Here it is…



A drive down a Ga dirt road.

Have a lovely week! Deb

Oct 31st,The Library quilt

I have finished the Library quilt. It is ready for its new home.Here are some picture of the finished project.

image  image

image image image


I have also been working on my Fire Island Hosta queen quilt top.It is a challenge that Im enjoying.

I have each petal sewn together but not the flower itself, just laid out.


I put a quilt into my little lap frame to work on in the evening.It is a grandmothers fan done in vintage fabric.It reminds me of my Grammy, I can remember her wearing dresses made out of some of the same fabrics in the top. So I have name the quilt Little Grammy.:)

image  image

Happy Quilting,Deb