April 16 th…. a beautiful Easter Day 

It was a truly beautiful day here,with temperatures in the low 80’s with a soft breeze. I went on my normal Sunday walk,please come along and enjoy this down in the boondocks country. 

Lovely clouds 

Cows grazing and some of the mamas bellowing at their young for wondering to far,then a little mooing could be heard.

Country road that run in front of our farm

Farm lane also used by the deer ,which we have a plenty,

Rustic old fences and old hay ring

From woods to a field of corn

From berries on a cedar tree to the first yellow rose of spring..

To the amaryllis blooming to remind me of my Pop who gave me a bulb the last Christmas he was living. Now I have many bulbs in the flowerbed.

You would be most welcome to come in for a cold glass of sweet tea!!

Have a lovely week,Deb


8 thoughts on “April 16 th…. a beautiful Easter Day 

    1. Deb Post author

      Glad you enjoyed them! Amaryllis bulbs do just fine here in the ground as we very rarely have temperatures below 18 degrees at night and hardly ever freezing temperatures all day in the winter. We have a tough time growing tulips though as they don’t like our warm winters.

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  1. blosslyn

    That was a lovely Easter Sunday walk, more so because we just had nasty old rain nearly all day 😦 so thank you for sharing it. I am also amazed that you have amaryllises growing outside, do you leave them in over winter 🙂

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    1. Deb Post author

      Oh,I’m so happy to have put a little sun in your day. 🙂 yes, I leave the bulbs in the ground, they grow very good here in Ga. the ground in winter time never freezes very deep so the bulbs don’t freeze.

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      1. blosslyn

        We had a heavy frost last night and a friend in Landsberg in Germany told us today, it was snowing there, which is quite unusual, this time of year……oh I hope we miss that 🙂

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