April 10th… gardening and turtles 

I do this to myself every year … I don’t do a lot of  stretching  or bending through the winter months then come spring after a few days of digging ,hoeing and pulling weeds, I walk around like an old lady ,and popping painkillers before bedtime.😟 oh well ..the flowers will be worth it.

I didn’t do much sewing this week as the weather has been so lovely ,it is also high time I tackle the weeds . The flowers really took a set back when we had the killing frost a few weeks back,some will not bloom for the buds were frozen. The plants didn’t die so that is good. Here is  peek into my little world..

Verbena blooming


Kiwi starting to grow

Flowerbed duties

Lovely field of weeds ,our field so less.

Jenny ,our coyote chaser, a lot of farms have donkeys in the pastures for they will keep the coyotes out .

The sun was setting at one end of the house and the moon was rising on the other end

And now for the turtle ….my grand children found this little box turtle . It’s shell was still soft ,so it was newly hatched.

It is starting to eat for the children. They informed me his name is “Bert” and if they find out later on it’s a girl then his name will be changed to “Gert”. 😀   Bert is now a family member. 

Have a lovely week, friends.


20 thoughts on “April 10th… gardening and turtles 

  1. norma

    The garden looks lovely!
    I didn’t know that about donkeys – some people use alpacas to frighten off foxes but probably too wet for them around here

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  2. KerryCan

    I have a stretching regimen I do regularly and I’m here to tell you that I still feel stiff and sore after time in the garden! As you say, it’s worth it. I love seeing the photos of your surroundings, and Jenny!

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  3. blosslyn

    We have both had lovely weather for a change, you flowers look beautiful and I just love Jenny. It that a snapping turtle, my sister in law has snapping ones in her creek, she lives near Morris in Pennsylvanian 🙂

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    1. Deb Post author

      Wow think it is a box turtle for the yellow on the top. Oh yes we also have snappers ,those though don’t make nice pets, as they would rather snap at you for a finger. They also can get rather large with alligator habits. The weather is gorgeous the last few days.

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      1. blosslyn

        Let me just say, I’m glad we do not have any turtles in our waterways, large ones with alligator habits, enough to me off paddling for life 🙂 Our weather has now turned cold and wet, just ready for Easter 😦

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      2. Deb Post author

        Sorry to hear about that cold ,wet weather! I laugh when I reread my comment on the wow think part! Spell check can so be a bother!😁

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  4. Sheryl

    In spite of any stiffness in the spring, I always feel really good when I can get back to gardening and other outdoor activities. I always figure that after a few days of outdoor activities, I’ll be back in shape.

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    1. Deb Post author

      Gardening does make me feel good if not in body ,(arthritis doesn’t like to get in shape😟) it sure does my spirit. You right though after a few days the muscles are in much better shape.😄

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