Dec.30th, a special treasure

My last posting for this year , I would like to write in memory of a dear old friend.

Bobby was a kind soul who loved to visit our family. The children all loved him , when they would see his  white Ford truck coming , the sound of Bobby’s here , with the banging of the kitchen door , gave me enough time to put the coffee on before he arrived in the kitchen.

He loved to tell stories of when he was young. We all truly enjoyed everyone. Life wasn’t easy for him here in the south , but that didn’t  get him down , he just made do.

He would also bring me a big bowl full of fresh farm eggs when he had too many . I was delighted to trade him fresh bread for eggs!!

Then one day he walked into the kitchen with an old quilt in his shaking hands. ” Here I want you to have this”, were his words, with a look that pleaded , please like it!! Like it … I was delighted to have the old quilt. It was old and worn with the fabric beginning to dry rot , not a wonderful work of art . It was a quilt that held love!

Bobbys aunt had made it and had given it to him .  He said that he know that his family that would go though his things after he died, would just throw it out .( he never had children, so it would of been his sisters left).I promised him I would treasure it as long as I lived! The dear old man’s face shone with gratitude .

The quilt was made around 1950. Here are some pictures of this special treasure!!image imageimageimageimageimageimage

Blessings to all for a Happy New Year! , Deb


14 thoughts on “Dec.30th, a special treasure

  1. KerryCan

    How wonderful! Wonderful that you had the relationship and that he found someone to appreciate his treasure. I love these old threadbare quilts with zillions of scraps. Just gorgeous.


    1. Deb Post author

      I , too, love those old quilts. Lots of times when I come across old quilts . I do a lot of guessing about the maker of the quilt. It is so nice to know the real story of this quilt. As long as the quilt is in our family , Bobby will always be remember !



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