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May 21… a fire island hosta ,and a magnolia 

I finished Russell’s quilt top yesterday!👏👏 I’m happy with the way it turned out but I wished I would of had a darker green on the other side of the dark navy . Oh well … live and learn. Sometimes things seen in the mind doesn’t look that same when put together. 

Now I have more than  plenty of hand quilting to keep me busy.

It is magnolia time here in Ga. I love the scent those blooms put into the air. I did find out that in a small house the smell will overwhelm one.

A bud

Starting to open


This one still isn’t opened all the way but one of the flowers that was ,was to high up for me to get a snap shot of it.

And the start of a seed pod

Here are a few more treasures I found in my garden…


Lily.                                                            Hibiscus 


Day lily                                                     Russian sage

And lastly a baby blue jay that took a tumble out of the nest during the thunderstorm. His mama wasn’t happy about the picture taking.

Have a great week ,Deb

Dec.4th, Fire Island Hosta Queen ..quilt number 2

My daughter is a real fan of black ,red , and white, Her room is of those colors,when she ask me to make her a Fire Island Hosta , it came as no surprise as to the colors. I have worked on it, would like to have the center put together for her for Christmas .

I added silver in with her colors, as I don’t think I’ll have enough of the white that I have on hand. It goes well with the silver in the leaves, it should blend in well when the quilt is finished.

When I feel a little overwhelmed with the piecing of the Fire Island Hosta, I am working on blocks that didn’t turn out like they should of….. I wasn’t paying attention close enough!!😖 I hate when I get a real brainless moment. I was sewing stripes of fabric together … 

It should of looked like this..

Instead it went like this…

Now any one would know that when you leave off a 1.5 inch stripe it is going to mess up a pattern. Which it did! Now being sorta lazy… Didn’t feel like ripping out 4 sets of these stripes,I decided to just go with it. Here are the two blocked finished. I will need to put sashing in between for if you put them together like the original pattern called for the design doesn’t go right.

Thanksgiving day had some very special moments…. Coffee would appear magical beside me when I would go to relax in my chair! And then two sweet little boys brought me these dandelion seed fluff.


These two little fellas were also helping me pick up more pecans, but I think I cracked more for them to eat then we picked up!😄 Brendan gave me the excuse that he was shaking the tree for pecans to fall when ask why he was up the ladder. 

And I’m half way done quilting on this quilt!! 

Keep warm one and all! Deb

Jan.4th,2015.. a quilt using vintage keep sakes

I was given a pillowcase of doilies ,ties,table runners and and pillowcases along with some old dresses. The dear lady wanted these things made into a quilt for her sister’s birthday.They were things from their Grandmother and Mama. I told her, I sure would try.

So for several days the dining room table was a mess, the family ate in the family room.{so glad the family puts up with my messes!}

Here is what I did.I sure hope the sister is happy with it!


here are some block pictures..imageimageimageimageimageimage


I also finished up 13 pillows for christmas gifts for a customer made from shirts.I wasn’t able to get pictures of them all for time ran out on me ,and she needed to get some in the mail so they would arrive before Christmas.


They were so fun to make !!

Now I’m working on a project for my Mama’s sewing circle. It is a New York Beauty.I have one block finished.


Isn’t amazing how young children find modern tech so fascinating! here’s two of the grand children wrapped up in tech.I think it was Thomas the Tank engine.


Blessings to all, Deb

Dec.30th, a special treasure

My last posting for this year , I would like to write in memory of a dear old friend.

Bobby was a kind soul who loved to visit our family. The children all loved him , when they would see his  white Ford truck coming , the sound of Bobby’s here , with the banging of the kitchen door , gave me enough time to put the coffee on before he arrived in the kitchen.

He loved to tell stories of when he was young. We all truly enjoyed everyone. Life wasn’t easy for him here in the south , but that didn’t  get him down , he just made do.

He would also bring me a big bowl full of fresh farm eggs when he had too many . I was delighted to trade him fresh bread for eggs!!

Then one day he walked into the kitchen with an old quilt in his shaking hands. ” Here I want you to have this”, were his words, with a look that pleaded , please like it!! Like it … I was delighted to have the old quilt. It was old and worn with the fabric beginning to dry rot , not a wonderful work of art . It was a quilt that held love!

Bobbys aunt had made it and had given it to him .  He said that he know that his family that would go though his things after he died, would just throw it out .( he never had children, so it would of been his sisters left).I promised him I would treasure it as long as I lived! The dear old man’s face shone with gratitude .

The quilt was made around 1950. Here are some pictures of this special treasure!!image imageimageimageimageimageimage

Blessings to all for a Happy New Year! , Deb

Nov. 9th, the Fire Island hosta queen quilt top

I have been working on this quilt every chance I get .. between washing, cooking ,cleaning,or any other interruption that comes my way! Here are some progress pictures.image image


Was very undecided on next swag border color wasn’t sure if i wanted to do the cream ~ dark green, or the lighted marbled blue with the cream ..but I think I’ll go with the light blue to keep it bright.


The cotton fields have been so pretty the last few weeks ,they look like a light snow fell over the field.This field is at least 700 acres.


this picture was taken at sunrise,it was a lovely morning! Have a great week! ,Deb


Oct 31st,The Library quilt

I have finished the Library quilt. It is ready for its new home.Here are some picture of the finished project.

image  image

image image image


I have also been working on my Fire Island Hosta queen quilt top.It is a challenge that Im enjoying.

I have each petal sewn together but not the flower itself, just laid out.


I put a quilt into my little lap frame to work on in the evening.It is a grandmothers fan done in vintage fabric.It reminds me of my Grammy, I can remember her wearing dresses made out of some of the same fabrics in the top. So I have name the quilt Little Grammy.:)

image  image

Happy Quilting,Deb

Oct.17th, a wonderful week

I had a baby shower gift to finish up this week. I crochet a blanket for the little one.


oops,got my toe! 🙂

Now I’m working on a order of 12 table toppers for a youth banquet. Here are some of the ones done..  Still have 3 to go.



I also needed to cut out blocks for a ladies sewing circle. I was very busy for two days washing the fabric and cutting 7 in. Blocks out. I so enjoyed it !

imageimage one of the stacked blocks.

image blocks that I will be sewing together.

image the quilt top is to be sewn like this..

and when evening comes I recline to enjoy family,and continue quilting the Library.


Oh I must show what I was given to me by my family!! I have been dreaming of this pattern ever since I saw it! I made a promise to myself that I will NOT start it until I finish up my customers projects!! I think I better put it in a cabinet with a lock on it!!:)

image what a quilt!!

Now off to work….. Deb