update on challenge post-Aug 5th

This is how I received the blocks. 


I took the blocks out of the yellow stripping.


Ironed then recut blocks to square them evenly. I don’t want to throw the stripping away but add it in  the quilt without overpowering the quilt with the yellow. I think I like this pattern ..


now to cut and sew ….

one other picture, I finish sewing the little penguin top.


have a lovely day,Deb


6 thoughts on “update on challenge post-Aug 5th

  1. norasquiltblog

    Wow! You have done very good with the bird blocks! The black-white pinwheels are perfect and add contrast. It became so vivid! I think I like this pattern too! 🙂
    Because of the neutral colors I can imagine the quilt for both a girl or a boy.
    The penguin top is also cute!


  2. quiltedthrifted

    The pinwheels make the quilt come alive. I have embroidered state birds I purchased years ago or received as a gift. I need to find them and do some playing using an alternate block. I am impressed with your determination with the penguin quilt. When you set your mind to something you really go at it!



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