Aug. 14th, Rag quilts

I had this pile of batting that was getting in my way.


i love making rag quilts from left over batting. It is such a fun way to use that left over batting from other quilts.

Here is one that I have to clip the edges yet…


and the back..


and one I’m still sewing,


I enjoy clipping these in the evening when the family is gathered in the family room,drinking coffee or just telling of today’s happenings..and sometimes just plain cutting up!:)

I have the painted bird top just about finished,just need to add a border,Haven’t decided how I want to do it.


What has snuggles been up too… Sleeping on fabric that I was trying to iron.


And enjoying the quilt hanging off the side of the table..


now back to sewing…



5 thoughts on “Aug. 14th, Rag quilts

  1. norasquiltblog

    I really love your bird quilt top, and I look forward to seeing your rag quilts finished for I have never done such a thing before and I am curious how it will look like in the end. I have lot of leftover batting pieces too and just store them in a bag in the closet. A good idea to use them up this way.


  2. tisjen

    Oh my you do sew a lot I’m turning slightly green with envy :). And I love love love your rag quilt! I must find help with the computer side of things as I run out of day and energy more so. Happy Sewing Deb 🙂 Jenny



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