A challenge-Aug.1st

Earlier this year I was given some blocks to do something with,for the lady was going to just throw them away,but my mom who happened to overhear that “throw out” part quickly told the lady to give me a try before throwing them out!Oh the faith that a Mom has at times. 🙂 Here are some pictures of the quilt.

the first picture is of the block on the cutting broad,where I decide this was the color combo. the second ,finished top.

image  image

the green doesn’t show up as greenie as it was. It may have been a 70’s green.

I was happy with the quilt top and so was the lady.

Now I have some more blocks that give the same challenge…

image  image


The painted blocks are very pretty ,but once again I’m working with a orangish-yellow fabric. I tried to get a true color of the fabric but could not.

Until later… Deb


2 thoughts on “A challenge-Aug.1st

  1. quiltedthrifted

    How did you come up with the layout? What made you decide on the stars on the 4 sides? I am fascinated with your final results. I would be very please if I gave someone orphan blocks and they came up with this layout and quilt design. I think it is amazing.


    1. Deb Post author

      Quilted thrifter, the blocks were beautifully embroider , but the fabric that was used was a different green . Plain sashing that was so often used with these kinda of quilts just didn’t pop the blocks . So I got graph paper and color pencils out ( I love coloring pencils). I being to play with blocks and really liked the friendship star block.
      I also make a BIG mess … Fabric piles and paper balls ( bloopers or didn’t likes) all in the dining room and on the table! The poor family eats leftovers in the family room . But I’m as happy as a meadowlark !!!



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