I have bought this fabric ,for it was really cheap… but what do you do with a messed up dyed fabric?

I could use it in a rag rug,but I didn’t need more scraps for that. So why not cut it into small strips and see what happens..

here are some blocks using the fabric in the middle ..

image image

I think it will work out great.

Then I got sidetrack after seeing a cute beading pattern on Pinterest.I thought it would look really cute for a child’s quilt .I got my paper and coloring pens out and went to doodling.

This is what i can up with..


and I got this far in sewing it together


yesterday,I went to work out in the flowerbed for it needed some pruning and weeding. A pair of mockingbirds were really fussing at me so i decided to see what the problem was. Here is one of the little fella not far from me.


There were 4 of the little fellas in that area.Then this little fella tried to scare me..


On the first post I was working on a tied quilt.It is finished.


Until next post… Deb


2 thoughts on “July,27th

  1. norasquiltblog

    I dwelled on looking at your first photo of that fabric scraps and I thought there is no way to use those for a quilting project…..until I scrolled down to have a look at your idea and I say Wow! I didn’t realized at first it was the same fabric! Your tied quilt turned out pretty well, I like your color scheme and the idea to use and mix “ugly” fabric with those other beautiful fabrics and the result is awesome. I really like your last picture with the quilt on the bench and in the background the brown banister, everything has the same stripe pattern as your quilt.

    And that penguin pattern, a lot of work, really cute!


    1. Deb Post author

      Thank you, Nora! I was too pleased with how well the ugliness was lost with the beauty of the other colors. I love to make quilts for children who are cancer victims or terminally ill. So if the penguin turns out real cute that’s what the little fella will be for.



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