July 10th… More ties and flowers

I made a goal to get eight quilt top together. Well…. I didn’t make that goal…. I did get 6 quilt top sewn and tied. They didn’t get the binding finished though.

Here they are……

I might not have reached my goal but I’m tickled with what I did get done. Now time to take a walk though the flowerbed..



dwarf zinna

purple cone flower

tiger lily





canna lily


canna lily

Have a great week! Deb


14 thoughts on “July 10th… More ties and flowers

  1. blosslyn

    Wow you have been busy, they are all beautiful, but my favourite is number 4, love those colours together. Flowers look great too, we are behind you, my Hibiscus has only just got the tiniest of buds on them 🙂

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    1. Deb Post author

      Why the eight?.. That was how many blocks or fabric pieces I had layout ,put into a stack ready for sewing. Oh I love my porch swing too! 😊


  2. Sheryl

    Wow – you are amazing. I can’t believe how quickly are are able to make these beautiful quilts. The charity that you plan to donate them to, and the people who end up receiving them, are very lucky to get these.



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