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Oct.16 a little quilt show

This week has been a slow week for me,as I put my back out. Thankful my chiropractor has made a big difference in my lower back from last weekend to this weekend! Can’t say I’m fond of hobbling around, it does make me thankful that this isn’t permanent.

So I haven’t accomplished much in the sewing room to write on. I did come across some pictures of quilts that I did some years back.

For this quilt, I made the pattern which I called climbing for the stars. My daughter Lynn is now the owner of it.

Next is a top I did for my mom,she had her church ladies hand quilt it for her.

Then a throw quilt for hubby’s mama, which I made a mistake on and didn’t notice it until  I was handquilting it. Can you find it ?

A bear paw quilt that has been on my bed for awhile, and still love it.


This last one I made for my middle daughter LouAnn

I did manage to get 45 blocks put together for the red embroidered block quilt.

Have a good creative week, Deb

Ps.. the first picture is of my youngest grand baby. He’s are real sweetheart.


July 10th… More ties and flowers

I made a goal to get eight quilt top together. Well…. I didn’t make that goal…. I did get 6 quilt top sewn and tied. They didn’t get the binding finished though.

Here they are……

I might not have reached my goal but I’m tickled with what I did get done. Now time to take a walk though the flowerbed..



dwarf zinna

purple cone flower

tiger lily





canna lily


canna lily

Have a great week! Deb

Feb.15 th, sticks, cookies,and scraps

This week was a good week for trimming up trees before the weather turns warm. So with lots of limbs on the ground,PopPop and MomMom needed some help from three young boys.  


After working so hard then ,they sat down to the table for warm chocolate chip cookies which they also help to make . 

From cookies to trampoline…no wonder those boys stay thin… Wished I had half the energy!

This week I also worked on some more scrap quilt tops for one of the church ladies sewing circle that I sew for.

Here’s the basket full of scraps, hopefully by the time I’m done there will be only a few pieces left.

One top almost finished ,have a black border to put on the top and bottom yet. 

There were lots of little strips , so I made some strip blocks, 4 1/2 by 6 1/2  more on that later as I’m still cutting up pieces.

I did finish sewing this top with hearts.


This picture was sent to me from my second daughter,who is taking care of My Mom until she’s feeling a little better. The picture was take from the hospital window.

I just love those Angels!!

Have a lovely week friends,Deb

Feb.7th, a quilty week

After a busy time of  butchering and stacks of dirty pans,pots, knives,and grinder parts, I was more than ready to wipe the kitchen clean and step out of it. 

As I step into the sewing room even my machine greeted me warmly ( sometimes if I ignore her because of laziness she gets an attitude) she ran smoothly all week for me.😄

First I finished up my mother in laws top, and the other siblings of hubby’s want to send it to a long arm quilter so as to have it done by her birthday in May.  As much as I would like to hand quilt it, I agree that it needs to get to her so she can enjoy it longer.

The next thing done didn’t  take long,and will make a nice light quilt … Maybe a picnic quilt for a baby to lay on.

Then another quick one, it is a youth bed size.

Next quilt will not be a quick one. I wanted to make something with hearts in it… 

I had some wrapping paper that you would put in a gift bag that wasn’t nice enough to use any more so I decided to use it up. I pulled out the embroidery machine, oiled it up , and being to make 72 blocks. 

First I cut my blocks out to the right size , then smoothed out the wrapping paper as best I could. 

Then glued the block to the paper. The glue was applied to the block’s outside edges. Put into the hoop

Although the fabric isn’t stuck out all around the hoop like the paper ,glueing it keeps it tight so that is kinda of sounds like a drum when you tap on it. It stitches nice this way.

I have it all laid out ready to sew together.

I love it when hubby calls me when he is out of town on business… But this phone had a few complications.😳😄

Have a lovely week friends! Deb

Dec.30, last post of 2015

Another year is dawning, dear Father, let it be in working or in waiting, another year with Thee.

Another year of progress, another year of praise,

Another year of proving Thy presence all the days.
Another year of mercies, of faithfulness and grace,

Another year of gladness in the shining of Thy face;

Another year of leaning upon Thy loving breast;

Another year of trusting, of quiet, happy rest.
Another year of service, of witness for Thy love,

Another year of training for holier work above.

Another year is dawning, dear Father, let it be

On earth, or else in Heaven, another year for Thee.

Penned by Frances Havergal

 Wow, a New Year is again upon us,but the old year went out with more memories made! 

All of the children made it home this year for Christmas except for the oldest son. There were 17 around the table for Christmas Day !  

There was lots of food ,noise and commotion for fours days. The weather was warm,so the grandchildren totally enjoyed the trampoline,bike,and trucks.

The only granddaughter took a little timeout to read.

The camellias are blooming beautifully right now ,they were a lovely addition to the table.

Now life is back to everyday living, I’m back to my sewing room… It felt good to be back in my sewing room after it was used as a bedroom for week. I was able to finish the center of the Fire Island Hosta ,daughter is tickled with it.

And I finished this top with the blocks that I goofed up. Never know where a goof up might take you..


Made these pillowcases for my Mom,she is in rehab to regain what she lost in a stroke a few weeks back.

Took this picture at the Chesapeake Bay tunnel on the way home from seeing Mom. It was a beautiful evening !! 

Blessings to all for the New Year! Deb

Nov.14, adding machine paper,and scraps

Remember the rolls of adding machine paper… I have ,had some just sitting around collecting dust. I hated to just throw them out as the old machine no longer worked. As I was trying to clean up my sewing room some, I came across these rolls again.” Look” I said to myself,either you do something with these things or pitch them. Putting them back is not allowed…. Here’s the product of, not allowed ,to put them back. 

I pulled out the little scraps that were piling up. Sewed them to the paper that I cut into lengths of  8 inches. Then trimmed the sides. Nice little strips were soon piling up.
Then I discovered I had these left over strips. Perfect for this little quilt top. Now it will make its way to a group of ladies who finish them for charities. 

My daughter gave me an idea of making a tic tac toe quilt top out of the strips. I think I will for I still have some left over. 

Then I put together two other baby quilt tops.  I had a really bad headache so I had stop sewing a top that required thinking which I wasn’t up too… 😕 but just sitting around just made me go into self pity mode. 

Now I have a box full of quilt blocks to sew up in a hurry ,if the need arises. I pulled it out ,found some blocks ,Then sewed in a robotic fashion. These didn’t take any brain!!


After a few days I went back to working on this top.

As I was sewing I realized that it was going to need a little toning down. A dark brown border fabric fit the bill.

As I was cleaning I also discovered that the borders weren’t put on this little quilt… That’s what happens when you jump to another project before your finished!!

I still didn’t finish the sewing room …when picking up the scraps left over ,from the little scrap strips made from the machine paper. I made these blocks.. Not sure how I will use them but they are stacked nicely on a shelf,instead of scraps hanging out of a box.


And is the sewing room clean yet…..well, part of it is!🤓

 This little fella slipped in the window to see what I was up too!so for a bit there was a lizard chase on ,to shoo it back out.  
These are my daughters babies… Aren’t they so sweet!   

This young man helped PopPop change oil in the work trucks. My sons boy.

Have a great week, friends!