June 19th ..a flagship 

Hubby had business meetings to go to in Cleveland ,Ohio. I had the honor of going along to enjoy ride,also see Cleveland. I must say the temperatures were different than what I am use too! We left Ga with temps in the 90’s and arrived up there to temps in the low 50’s. I had on sandals and a light cotton dress on.. ” I liked to froze” ! It did warm up a little on the last day of our stay,much to my delight!😄

We did some strolling around after Hubby got out of his meetings. We were able to see Lake Erie from the hotel window,so we went down to the lake to enjoy the water ,much to our delight there was a old carrier ship to tour!

So take a stroll with us and enjoy this wonderful vessel!

A neat display 

Then on to see around the ship on the inside…

Windlass room, sorry for the blurry photo .. My iPhone doesn’t do well in darker rooms.

Up a small stair case..into a guest sitting room.

Up another stairs to a larger lounge 

Ever wonder what sailors read?

This was one of the small libraries on broad. Then on to sailors quarters..

Opposite side of room

Above every one bed was this.


Laundry room 

Love the old wringer washer

Kitchen area

Oh excuse me ” not kitchen.. Gallery”

Ready for some coffee?

Some guests bedrooms..

Guest dining room.. Lovely table setting!

Beautiful dishes..

I must admit I stepped over a no go beyond rope to take a good look at that cake 😳 It was plastic😕

Sailors dining

And menu

Chief engineer quarters

Engineers desk.. 

Captains quarters 

Captains phone

And adding machine

On top deck

Just one of the propeller blades 

The holding bins

Then back to the engine room

Back off the ship looking across the waters.

Hope you enjoyed it… 

Walking back to hotel

See the church steeple.. I’ll take you on a tour of the church in next post.

Until then enjoy your week!! Deb


9 thoughts on “June 19th ..a flagship 

  1. Sartenada

    What a great post. We love different kinds of boats, small and big, but especially Tall ships. In Finland, we have huge amount of lakes and it is natural that different kind of cruises are popular.

    I love the variety of your photos to present that ship. They gave excellent idea about it. Thank You.


  2. KerryCan

    What a wonderful museum–such detail of how life must’ve been aboard ship. The public spaces are really quite lovely, aren’t they? The only time I’ve been to Cleveland was to take a bunch college freshmen to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . . .


    1. Deb Post author

      We walked right by the Rock and roll place…we aren’t into that kind of music so decided not to pay to visit the museum . There was a science museum also but was more for little children.


      1. blosslyn

        My husband was an engineer officer in the merchant navy and he used to have lovely quarters, when he went deep sea. Not that I ever went away with him, I could have but I had a good job, that I enjoyed. But some of the ships have lovely interiors and as they would be away sometimes for months on end, it was nice for the crew 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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