March 26, a pile of odd cut vintage blocks

First I did finish this top for a local sewing group.

I picked up some blocks awhile back, when I started measuring them I soon discovered that they were all different in size. Now I’m know to be a little lazy at times…. So I decided to do a 4 patch nosegay pattern. Problem 1, I wanted to tie this quilt so I needed larger seams. Problem 2 all the patterns I found were for more blocks smaller in size than what I had. Problem 3 changing measurements without hubby ‘s brains. Disaster!!

So did I want to wait until evening when Hubby came home? Nope, I got my paper and pencil out ,drew what I wanted on it then added the amount of seam allowance on that ,then paper pieced the block. Worked like a charm.

No extra trimming other than for paper piecing seams.

Now the fun beings! 😀

I’m going to use the brown in all blocks with these fabrics to give a more scrappy look.

Four blocks done.

Now back to my sewing machine, Deb


4 thoughts on “March 26, a pile of odd cut vintage blocks

  1. KerryCan

    That’s so cool, the way the blocks end up making the star shape! I’ve always loved scrappy quilts and the idea of using up bits of leftover fabrics. I’ll be waiting to see how this progresses!



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