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Sept 25, the top is done!!

I finally had time to finish this Fire Island Hosta  top, and daughter is delighted with the way it looks. 

Hubby and I were too short to hold it up completely off the floor. It’s 100″by 100″ now I have something to quilt on this winter!

I also have these lovely blocks that I had tucked away, I had purchased them unfinished. I was going to finish them but daughter picked up a block, started working on it ,…she ended up finishing the rest of the blocks. She now loves doing embroidery by hand.

Now off to decide how I want to show off these older vintage stamped blocks by Jay Dee of St Louis ,Missouri….today the company is known as Jack Dempsey .


March 26, a pile of odd cut vintage blocks

First I did finish this top for a local sewing group.

I picked up some blocks awhile back, when I started measuring them I soon discovered that they were all different in size. Now I’m know to be a little lazy at times…. So I decided to do a 4 patch nosegay pattern. Problem 1, I wanted to tie this quilt so I needed larger seams. Problem 2 all the patterns I found were for more blocks smaller in size than what I had. Problem 3 changing measurements without hubby ‘s brains. Disaster!!

So did I want to wait until evening when Hubby came home? Nope, I got my paper and pencil out ,drew what I wanted on it then added the amount of seam allowance on that ,then paper pieced the block. Worked like a charm.

No extra trimming other than for paper piecing seams.

Now the fun beings! 😀

I’m going to use the brown in all blocks with these fabrics to give a more scrappy look.

Four blocks done.

Now back to my sewing machine, Deb