March 18 th…. the Creation and the Ark

I must say that this is the second time around that I’m writing this post, the first one ..much to my surprise ” with you’ve got to be kidding ” to internet disgust that it was all deleted because of an app crash.πŸ™

On our way home from Illinois we stopped at two museums,we really enjoyed them. It would have been nice if it had been warmer for the outside activities we didn’t do.. like taking the zip line.

The first museum we stopped at was The Creation Museum,it was very hard to get pictures without people for the places were very busy!

This big skeleton greeted all as they enter the lobby. Some info and a close up of front foot

Some of the displays of the garden of Eden before the fall..

All was peace until this…. then it was weeds ,thorns,  hard work,disease and death.

And then we went up a stairs and just around the corner was a  QUILT!!

It is a real work of art!!

We then went to the Ark

The ship was huge.. one knows that it was in order to hold all that it did it had to be large but when standing by the ark it is truly impressive!

Big pillars inside the Ark

I only was able to get a picture of one creature…

There was a small garden and a loom

And of course when there is a book about dragons .. I get excited ,I enjoy a dragon myth.

There was so much information and things to see ,that some of it we didn’t get to see because of all the people ,and we only had so much time. Still is was very enjoyable. 


11 thoughts on “March 18 th…. the Creation and the Ark

    1. Deb Post author

      Both of them are in Kentucky,one in Petersburg,the other in Williamstown. It probably be a good day’s ride from you. That quilt is so amazing,and a really treat to see.


  1. kathyreeves

    Thanks for taking us with. You were able capture a sense of how vast a ship the ark was in that one photo, very impressive! I really enjoy traveling along with my bloggy friends like this, thanks for sharing with us!!

    Liked by 1 person


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