Oct.3  Red embroidered blocks

I finally decided on the layout of the quilt that is to show off the red cross stitch blocks. At first I was going to put a sashing between them with a corner block. It didn’t make the blocks pop. So I did more searching for ideas. This picture gave me that light bulb moment.

So I started working on the block cuts and measurements. After two trial blocks I finally got the measurements spot on.

I started out with this color but soon discovered that I wasn’t going to have enough.

I need 75 blocks to complete this top, I now only have 17 done.

The cutting is all done and ready for sewing.

Some of the blocks laid out so you see the design better..

And oops, a blooper 😦

Off to find the seam ripper..😄



5 thoughts on “Oct.3  Red embroidered blocks

  1. norasquiltblog

    It is beautiful! Like falling snowflakes on the white fabric. Seems to me like a festive winter or Christmas quilt with all the whites and reds although I see that there aren’t any Christmasy fabrics in the quilt, but the overall impression shows that to me. Very pretty!

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    1. Deb Post author

      Thank you! It would look lovely on a bed for the holidays. I didn’t have that thought in mind when choosing colors , I was watching more for colors that kept the true color of the embroidery thread.



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