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Oct.16 th, a quilters confession 

Two hrs ago I was in a very BAD mood,ready to ball up every piece of fabric on the table and throw it! Good thing nobody came in to ask me a question or want something they might have got their heads bit off…. Not a very good attitude to have for a mature lady to have,well… I don’t know about the mature part but I did have a little integrity left. Here’s how it started…. I was given a box of fabric from my husbands aunt to make a quilt for her and hubby’s mama. It was Grandma’s scrap fabric,(By the way was such a dear soul) I very much want to do this for them,why saving vintage fabric is a passion. 

So this is what was in the box…. 

With these three colors with the most yardage and lots of small pieces ,a fat quarter or less.

I started working with 9 patch blocks,with a snowball block

Not to bad.. Old looking..so I kept sewing ..with an uneasy feeling that this isn’t going right. I just didn’t like the pink and blue.

I’m beginning to not like it so I changed the pattern a bit…



Helped a little but it still gave the same color tone that just put my teeth on edge!! So I went to the bear paw block…

Even worst!!! So back to this…

By now I’m in a really bad mood for I wasted a whole day, and I hated it all… Went to bed thinking it will look better in the morning. Needless to say that morning did not make it better. Now I know I was to use only that fabric but I had had it!!! I went to my stash and started to pull fabric that I thought would help put these colors together with style,White ,cream,black and a black and red. 

White wasn’t the answer nor was the black,but the red and black… I let you decide . 🙂

And for the patch blocks..

The black and red adds to each color and brings out it beauty,not fade it or clash.

I now have a little hope that these two tops will be something I can give to two dear ladies without wanting to hide in a closet when I give them the quilts.

So back to sewing with renewed courage!😀