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July 31… Warm summer day

It has been very warm here as I have posted before,so when three active boys wanted to spend the day at PopPops house I needed to think of something to keep them busy. Riding bike or playing with their trucks would soon make very sweaty little boys. Walmart came to the rescue with these neat little packets of water balloons! So easy to fill…

That it didn’t take long until we had a tub full..

I will let the pictures tell you the fun they had, and the fun increased when PopPop decided to join in.

This little fell is a more cautious fella so opposite of his older brothers! I tried to get him to slide around on an old shower curtain with bubbles but all he would do was walk though it. Oh ,well at least he enjoyed getting his feet wet. 😊

When the balloons all popped then the baby shampoo and sprinkler were the next items to provide the fun.

After about an hour of cool sprinkler water , Brendon came the the laundry room door asking for a towel for it was cold outside.

Brendon is the one with the short short buzz… Why the buzz … Older brother decided to try his hand at hair cutting!!😳lol

Here’s what youngest son does on a warm Saturday..

Until next week , enjoy your week. Deb


August 5th, summer delights and a finished top!

As Georgia turns on the summer heat to the 100’s ,there is still much to enjoy. 

 like spending a weekend with these two sweeties.


Or helping hubby fix a garage door for a fella who does taxidermy,

Or trying to capture pictures of butterflies, 

This plant loves the heat , other plants can melt ,die and just plain look awful,not this one!

I did make time for a little sewing…..

My Charlecote quilt top is finished!

Now I most work hard on all my hand quilting.

Oh I almost forgot this picture… I call it Jack and the bean stalk. Only it’s a kiwi plant reaching for the sky. My daughter pointed out that there is a little stick figure of Jack running up the vine. Can you find it?!😄

Now back to quilting… Deb