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Jan.22 … bad weather in Georgia¬†

The last two days have called for keeping a watch on the weather as we have had tornado warning,with severe thunderstorms. There are trees down on roads,and a neighbor that lost a calf shed roof,thankfully no serious damage like farther south where there are reports of deaths.

After one of the thunderstorms that went through,we had a beautiful rainbow .. my iPad just doesn’t do the rainbow justice but one can get a glimpse of the beauty with the clouds still looking angry.

Forecast for tomorrow…. rain and high winds…

Sept.4… A old trunk

My second daughter  LouAnn was up in Va helping, first daughter,Lynn and the family with moving to their new home in south Boston,Va. Lynn then gave her this lovely old trunk for helping out. LouAnn was delighted !! Here it is..

It is in good shape , the lock is missing,needs some saddle soap on the straps and the green canvas needs a little clean up, other than that it is a nice antique treasure.

It is a flat top trunk, a common trunk made in the late 1800’s to earlier 1900’s.

Some details ..

This is what was found inside,would be interesting to know what was purchased from a Sears and Roebucks catalog. The little piece is a pin.

And I have the log cabin quilt top sewn together. I think the old trunk and quilt were made for each other. What do you think?

Here’s the top opened up.


We had a topical storm go though Friday, we were blessed in that we only have a messy yard to clean up and a few trees to trim .

No big limbs just lots of little limbs,twigs , leaves and trash from who knows where it came from.

Have a great week ,Deb