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Jan. 14…. from winter to

SUMMER… well not really just to a warm place…

We are having a winter this year with cold temperatures and snow ( a little snow) which makes for some lovely pictures but wait until you see the like summer ones that my daughter has sent to me as she is in Puerto Rico involved in hurricane clean up relief. First some cold photos….

Now for some warm ,sunny photos to warm our eyes….

And then after a very rainy miserable day … the sun shone through the clouds to give us this beautiful rainbow…

May this week be as beautiful as the rainbow.


Jan.3 ….my busy full life…

The last few weeks of last year were busy , full of lively chatter, lots of hugs ,kisses and then ……

There was wood cutting…

Good feeling to see the shed filling back up

Happy children…

Sleepy babies..

Castle building

Then the cold hit…. we went from flip flops to socks ,boots,and coats in 24 hrs time.

So the tender plants got covered with straw…

But forgot barn pipes ๐Ÿ˜ฑ…..

Then today after the House became silent… very silent! Leona and I watch the snow fall softly down.

The stove was a real blessing to sit beside…

The new pencils I received as a gift I had to try out…

Keep warm one and all!

March,12 th…. a trip up north

It is that time of year when hubby goes to dealer meetings again. I alway enjoy riding along ,taking a littler sewing machine then while hubby is in meetings I sew away. Here’s a peek into our journey.

We started out with temperatures in the upper 70’s … so in packing I only put in a heavy sweater forgetting just how cold some parts of the US still are. I really didn’t mind the temperature drop until it hit freezing and below temperatures…. needless to say there were a few times I was nearly frozen myself.๐Ÿ˜„

From hills to flat land

From warm to cold

From upside down house to huge tires

From lovely farms to rocky views

From red barns to brown ones

Now for all the quick miscellaneous shots…


Soooo… what did I work on while hubby was in meetings….. take a guess๐Ÿ˜„

Yep the double wedding ring quilt. I have 54 ring sides done. 

What the rings look like before trimming. I did sew a few of the rings together to see if it was what I thought it was going to look like in my minds eye ..as to what quilt would really be. 

I’m happy with it! Sorry about the wrinkles as the iron was worthless there and I was afraid of ruining my fabric. Two of the rings aren’t sewn to the center neither.

I also took a book along to read,”Georgia quilts” what a wonderful book! I didn’t get it finished completely,but I did find a pattern in there  that would use my little scraps up ,that would make me very happy. It was made by two black ladies here in Ga .

The flower petals were done by Mary Lizzie Parham in her elder years then her daughter Annie Howard finished it after her mothers death. Fabric era… about the same time frame as what I’m working with now…. 

I believe the design is simple enough for me to make one similar.

We did go to two museums on the way home ,that I will do a later post on.