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Oct.30, Ships

There is a museum in Savannah that has a beautiful display of ship models with wonderful details.

Excuse the reflections in the photos,the ships were in closed in glass.

There were many models there , also beautiful things that some of the ships captains brought back with them to make a little extra cash.

These were my favorite pieces! They were so beautiful!

Then there was the Georgia Queen ,that we enjoyed watching .

A lovely fountain ship….

And a shrimp boat.. anybody game to climb that ladder out on the water?

And lastly the Waving Girl statue, in life her name was Florence Martus. It is said that for 44 yrs that she waved to ships by day a white piece of fabric,by night a lantern never missing a ship. The legend is that she had fallen in love with a sailor , and wanted to be sure he would find her on his return,after 44 yrs she died of a broken heart.

Next the Davenport house….