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Jan.16th.. jeans and fleece

My daughter hasn’t been doing so good this last week,she has a nasty  cold,when she gets sick  like this I need to be within sight to help her with everything. So being in the sewing room was not an option,no problem… Just need to do something close by on a table near her. Off to search….. this is what I found..

Some of my dads old jeans with a small remnant piece of denim…

Some fleece strips that was in amongst mom’s scraps.. I cut the jeans up into 6.5″ blocks ,also the fleece.

Had enough blocks to make two crib size blankets. I then pulled out my treasured old girl ,she was up to a good warm up. This is the end result of one of those stacks of blocks.

Front.                                                                             Back

 I have 88 of the log cabin blocks made.. I slipped into the sewing room a few times when Leona was napping.
When out getting some fresh air while second daughter LouAnn did the caretaker duty.. these cows were very curious about the old lady walking down the road. :))

Have a good week…Deb

July 2, a knotted quilt

I  know there’s information on how to knot a quilt,even YouTube tutorials ,so why am I writing another?! 

I  love a knotted quilt. They are so charming with their “home sweet home ” look. I learned to knot a quilt way before I learn to quilt one. I have used just about every kind of fabric in them from upholstery,men’s ties,knit polyester ,corduroy ,flannel and cotton. 

I have cut blocks out of top sheets ,shirts,skirts,and jeans. It is also a good way to use little balls of yarn that you have laying around and not sure what to do with.

I used to knot the quilts on the floor, that’s when I was young..er, now I do it on my table. My knees like me better for it.:)

Let’s start…

First I put something down on the table to protect it from the sharp needle point. I use old calendars that hubby gets from business companies. They are made of heavier paper but not as thick cardboard.

I tape it down with packing tape. Then lay down the backing using the tape to stretch the backing out nicely so there are no wrinkles. Packing tape is nice to use for it pulls up  nicely when you need to reposition the quilt.

Now that the backing is stretched out nice and smooth,with a three inch hang over on the one long side of table , the other side is hanging almost to the floor or on the floor depending on the size of your quilt. You want the hang over so you have room to make your binding. Be sure to give three to four inches on the other three sides also for the binding.

Then comes the batting ,lay it to the edge of table where you have the three inch hang over.smooth out the wrinkles but don’t tape it down.

Lay quilt top on batting leaving at little bit of batting sticking out around the edges  as shown in photo.

Now you are ready to start knotting. 

I use quilting gloves,it helps with pulling the needle though,ones hands don’t get so tired,or sore.

When threading your needle cut your yarn to a point ^ ,pitching the threads flat..threads easier that way.

I go from one block to the next like this before knotting.

Then I knot the rows that are over the calendar mat. Pull the tap up from backing ,pull the hold quilt several more rows over,( the side that had about three inches hanging over the side) retape the backing down…keeping everything smoothed out.

After the knotting is finished,trim off extra batting ,measure 1.5 inches from the quilt top on the backing for your binding.

Trim,fold ,pin binding then sew using a fancy stitch or a straight stitch. Ta da! Finished

The back of quilt..

I have several more of these to sew together this week. Well… Not several….eight of them. My goal is to get all of them done this week.. At least tops all sewn together 😃  Be a good week for it ,for its to be a hot week.

Happy July 4 th to all !!😄 


May,14 th. a little bit of everything 

it is a very busy time here in this Bear den! Mike our middle son is getting married this weekend in Puerto Rico. He will be bringing his bride home at the end of this month, then we are going to have a welcome home party. So if I’m lost for a month, that’s why! 

I have been sewing still in my break times. My machine gets an attitude if I neglect her for to long. A sewing machine with an attitude is NOT a good thing!

Finished this top…

This is for Russ , the last one of our Sons,it is a birthday gift. He is very fond of duck hunting. He has been wanting something made with ducks.  

I had to piece the middle block for I didn’t have enoughof the others. It will have a black border around it. He then wants” Duck Life “to read across the top.

Finally took this out of the quilting frame. Now for the binding.. Hope it doesn’t take me as long to bind it as it did to quilt it!😉

The back of the quilt shows the quilting better.

I am working on the FireIsland Hosta Queen quilt. I’ll post about how that is going at a later date. Now back to work.

Until after party! Deb

March 26, a pile of odd cut vintage blocks

First I did finish this top for a local sewing group.

I picked up some blocks awhile back, when I started measuring them I soon discovered that they were all different in size. Now I’m know to be a little lazy at times…. So I decided to do a 4 patch nosegay pattern. Problem 1, I wanted to tie this quilt so I needed larger seams. Problem 2 all the patterns I found were for more blocks smaller in size than what I had. Problem 3 changing measurements without hubby ‘s brains. Disaster!!

So did I want to wait until evening when Hubby came home? Nope, I got my paper and pencil out ,drew what I wanted on it then added the amount of seam allowance on that ,then paper pieced the block. Worked like a charm.

No extra trimming other than for paper piecing seams.

Now the fun beings! 😀

I’m going to use the brown in all blocks with these fabrics to give a more scrappy look.

Four blocks done.

Now back to my sewing machine, Deb

March,24th. Spring and sewing

We are now back to warmer weather, for which I’m glad for!

I did finished up the tied quilt,and it was received with delight.

I’ve still been trying to reduce the scrap pile. Some blocks that I’m working on.

Here is a top that I finished with the butterfly’s.

The heart blocks I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. I’ll decide after I finish this top.

The strips will run across sideways instead of up and down.

Until next post… Deb