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Nov.30th. Thanksgiving thoughts


We had a lovely day on Thanksgiving.

I’m so thankful for all the blessings that God has bestowed on me and to my family. I’m blessed in that God has been faithful in all his promises. I’m also blessed to have a special needs child, who has taught me so much. She doesn’t question God why she was made the way she was. She is full of sunshine when she is feeling good, and when she’s in pain a very uncomplaining person.

I am blessed with many kind friends- close by friends , friends from afar, and my blogging friends. 🙂


I cleaned out a closet that held clothes from my youngest son. I made him a throw for on the foot of the bed. I used his shirts that he out grew on the front and on the back I used his t-shirts.


Happy sewing!, Deb



Sept.5th..Rag Rug

I have a little side hobby other than quilting which I enjoy.I save all my old dresses ,hubby shirts ,t-shirts,the children’s clothes that are out grown,and old sheets. A pack rat you might say.. well sorta of I guess!

Hubby made me a frame for me to make these rugs that tough and last a good while.


the wooded frame is 27 in by 39 in.He put in nails across the top about half an inch apart with the rods down the sides.



I use 1.5 in strips for the warping,2.5 for the weaving.

It is amazing how much fabric you can put into one of these rugs.


I used a set of old full size sheets that had worn thin, I used the old sheets in the rug above. It is the light on each end. the top on one side, the bottom on the other side,with other fabric in the middle.


this one was made with just a wide variety of clothes that I ripped in strips.

I do sort the fabric by material type  ..t-shirt strips into one pile, knit fabric into another pile and so forth…

I have also decided to finish up a few projects that have been pushed to the side.imageimage

this double wedding ring,and a scrappy quilt that the blocks are all in order, ready for me to sew.


and in-between all that I sit to hand quilt ..



I had a lovely weekend end with this little girl who is my youngest granddaughter . Candice weights a chubby 16 lbs at 3months old!


I must admit my arms got tired, carrying her. 🙂

Happy sewing…. Deb