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Oct.16….. more scraps…

A quick update on the blocks for the 70,273 project. I have a picture of Leona doing a block in red crayon. Sad to say I didn’t take any that I did. I mailed them in a hurry as we were leaving town for the weekend.

Now for the scraps…. I have been working hard on getting the scrap pile down. I had it down to one box full when Mr. Issac once again brought me his left overs.

So I went to work on some more log cabin blocks, a whirligig block,and a buzzsaw block.

I think they will all look nice in a quilt top.

I also put together two tops for a ladies church sewing as they were wanting some.

These tops were made from yard sale buys where some pieces were in a few yards to larger scraps. I love a yard sale where I can buy a few yards of fabric for $1.

Also took time to work on some more rings for the double wedding ring quilt,which I’m half way done with.

Have a great week ,Deb

Sept 25, the top is done!!

I finally had time to finish this Fire Island Hosta  top, and daughter is delighted with the way it looks. 

Hubby and I were too short to hold it up completely off the floor. It’s 100″by 100″ now I have something to quilt on this winter!

I also have these lovely blocks that I had tucked away, I had purchased them unfinished. I was going to finish them but daughter picked up a block, started working on it ,…she ended up finishing the rest of the blocks. She now loves doing embroidery by hand.

Now off to decide how I want to show off these older vintage stamped blocks by Jay Dee of St Louis ,Missouri….today the company is known as Jack Dempsey .


Jan,11th..New York Beauty

This week I have been busy working on a New York Beauty. It is to go to My Mom’s sewing circle to be hand quilted. It will then be auctioned off for a school fund raiser .


I am paper piecing the points in the block and in the border. I find it fun to paper piece. I took classes off of Craftsy that really helped me out. I took two classes,one of Carol Daok,and the other from Peggy Martin. They are both very good teachers with fun projects.This is one of Peggy’s patterns.


At first I was going to do all blocks light on the outside of points ,but then I lost my distinctive corner. I used a black back ground piece


It is fun watching a quilt top starting to show its design.


The first outside border I am going to use the black with the little blue circles. It made the center pop more than the black marbled.


the center piece is finished ready for the borders.

My Camellia’s are blooming. They are a lovely flower!!

Keep warm!! Deb