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Dec.15 th… torn denim jeans,mug rugs and kiffles

Or maybe I should just say..”all in a day’s work “😄

My son has this problem of  tearing his denim jeans right by the pocket ,it is always on the right side. I think it must be the wallet pocket. Here is how I fix them..

I cut a strip of  denim from old pants or denim fabric scraps,then glue the strip to the back side of torn jeans.

I used the lighter side of denim strip for the jeans are faded. 

I rip the seam of the pocket down to where  you can put the tear together as much as you can. Glue the fabric to the strip well,you don’t want the strip to move on you…wait a bit for the glue to dry. I usually start to work on another pair of jeans with the same problem.

Then you sew ,I usually use a stitch that won’t let the fabric fray .

After repairing the tear,place the pocket of jean down,and sew it in place . Ta da… your done!

Two pairs of pants ready to be wore again.

I received these beautiful mug rugs from a blogging friend. It took them close to a month for them to go from Hungary to the USA. I was beginning to think that they were lost by postal service,when I was pleasantly surprised by them this week!! I love them!

The fronts

The backs…. aren’t they delightful!!

And yes,I’m slowly getting cookies made for Christmas. Today I made the special ones that my Grammy Tress made. I look forward to making these special cookies , they bring back warm memories.

Have a lovely weekend, Deb