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August 14th, tech problems and a relaxing summer eve

Why is it that a computer or printer decides to go on the blink when you are in need of  them right at that moment?!

I have been working on the log cabin block with the pile adding up,when the printer decided that it no longer wanted to print newspaper foundation paper that I use. 😖 now what.. I didn’t want to wait until it was fixed or have to buy a new printer.. So how could I work with what I had? 🤔 then I had a light bulb moment when I remember reading long time ago how a quilter used her sewing machine to mark lines. If I copied off on regular printer paper which it would still print ,I could use that as a pattern guide! 

So I took and unthreaded the machine,removed the bobbin,added a size 14 needle. I added ten newspaper foundation paper to one regular printed paper.

Sewed the lines as you can see. This is how it looked when finished.

Now all I needed to do was letter or number the steps in order of which lines were to be sewn first ,also which were to be of a darker fabric or lighter fabric. Worked great!

I now have 100 blocks done.😀

This evening was warm with a soft wind, flowers ,wonderful clouds,and a moon. Oh yes,also a traveling locust.. (Sorry folks it’s a Cicada)

Can you see the little spider hiding?

And one needs to add a sunset.. Right?! This was taken several days before though.

Wishing all a lovely week, Deb