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Feb.19… hand quilt a long

Sorry…. that I’m a day late. We were not home over the weekend. Leona has had the flu ,and has been rather sick for close to two weeks. I did notice that while her illness seem to be getting better her spirits were low. Leona is a happy child often humming in her off tune way, so this had me concerned. Steve (hubby) and I were sitting in the family room Friday noon as he can in from the office for lunch. I mentioned to him my concerns. He looked at me in a knowing way,then at Leona saying casually that the weather would be perfect for camping. Leona’s face lite up with a hardy grunt of excitement. So that is just what we did. We were on the road in less than two hours heading to our favorite state park! We had a very lovely weekend. The fresh air and enjoyable wheelchair strolls did much for her ,Leona is back to her humming self.😀

So now for the update on my projects…..

The double wedding ring quilt was worked on the most . Here I was last update…

Here is where I am now with one more ring to go until half way….

It is rumpled for being in a basket.

Then the cathedral window quilt…. last update…

Here now…

I didn’t work on the Fire Island Hosta quilt. I just couldn’t get it worked in . So I’m still working in the corner…

Now I’m off to catch up on what the other bloggers are doing….

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Sept 4th, an old barn

As hubby and I were traveling to VA.,we pasted this old barn in a very lovely setting. I quickly snapped a shot of if as we went flying past. Today when I pulled the picture up to see how it turned out,….I was taken down memory lane.

As a child, I grew up on a dairy farm,owned by my grandpa and farmed with the help of my dad. I have a brother who is a few years older than I. We loved the barn! We would play in the hay bales making tunnels with sudden drops that were delightfully scary as you crawled through in the dark. We would swing over the piled up loose hay and drop into it. 

In the spring , we would watch the pigeons hatch their young,and once we try to rescue a baby when it fell from the nest. It most of hurt itself to much from the fell ,for it only lasted a few hrs. I always hated when critters hurt.

Oh, how wonderful that barn would smell when fresh hay filled the loft! I won’t say what the down stairs smelt like on hot humid day.:))

There was one thing that my brother and I were not to do… But slipped it in if we thought we could get by with it, that was to climb the silo. It was so delightful to sit on top and see the view,for one could see for miles!

Those days were good days,but time has moved on. The barn we played in is gone now,so as I looked on this picture I wondered what stories it could tell… and how long it will be before it will too be gone? Kinda of sad isn’t it.

Now for a quick change of subject, (which is a trait of mine)  I saw this pattern on Pinterest. I loved it, so of course I wanted to make one for myself. My son made the frame for me out of scrap broads and old barbed wire. I was thrilled with the way it turned out!

Now backing to hand quilting…

Nov. 23rd, update on projects

Not much done on the Fire Island Hosta Queen . I did get the center all put together and started on the swag borders.image

I also worked on ” Little Grammy quilt”.



I needed to do a memory quilt for a lady whose hubby passed away just a few months ago. She gave me his shirts and a few ties, also a few shirts of her own. Here it is…



A drive down a Ga dirt road.

Have a lovely week! Deb