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April 23, flowers, flowers and little dresses

Spring has come into full swing here in the south. That’s means weeds ,and more weeds besides the mulching that needs to be done! I also forget from one spring to the next how achy muscles get after a winter. I also forget that I’m going to keep up with workouts so I don’t get sore….

Earlier in a post I posted a picture of a dormant flowerbed..

 This was my flowerbed bed this morning.

Here are some flowers close up. The Amaryllises did really good this year.

  Can you see that I still have some work that’s needs done?
  One of my knockout roses


4th of July climber

  Gerber daisy


  This little fella seemed to enjoy watching what going on in the flowerbed.

I did get the rest of my blocks done on the nosegay blocks. I also got a little dress made for a friend . These little dresses are so fun to make.

Back to work… Have a great day! Deb