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Nov.20th… Miss Pauline’s quilt blocks

I was so excited when I received the box of fabric to start working on the embroidered blocks. I had a big surprise coming my way though…. after washing the fabric ,I started cutting and measuring only to realize I had calculated the yardage wrong on the cream and green…. 🤔 I was to have more green then cream. The green was for sashing around the blocks.

I didn’t have time to reorder more fabric for the top needs to be done by Dec.1st. So beings I had more cream then green ,I decided to change the colors around.

I liked it ..  so I started to cut out enough to get a good feel of how it would look.

I was happy with it.. I hope Miss Pauline is too,as it isn’t as green as planned . I have about half of it put together.

I think I will use the green in a border ,If there’s enough , fingers crossed. 😄

Look at this old machine that was found among my Moms things. My Mom sewed clothes for us youngins,she also did doll clothes for our dolls. She would make the prettiest outfits, they were usually Christmas gifts. I remember falling to sleep to the sound of this machine sewing away. So you can imagine my delight ,when coming across this old treasure . It needs some cleaning up, a new belt and I’m sure I’ll have to work with tension problems ,even if I can’t get it to work right , it will be be a lovely display machine that will bring to mind many good memories. Besides that’s the machine I learned to sew on. 

It is a 1950’s New Home machine by Janome.. made in Japan.

We are having problems in North Ga, with wild fires, as we are really dry, needing rain.. news lines

“North Ga. fires engulf 40,000 acres as battle, evacuations continue” . While where we are ,we have had only some slightly smoky days.

This thanksgiving,firefighters should be at the top of the list of  the ” thankful for list”.

Have a great week,Deb


Nov 15.. an old knit quilt 

My daughter Lynn had given me an old quilt to repair that was her hubby’s ,given to him as a child.  It was a lovely double knit tied quilt made by his grandma. Years ago Lucas’parents bought a farm , in the old barn was this double knit fabric that granny salvaged. The repairs were to redo some seams ,also the ties were either missing or in poor shape.

The knit fabric is in wonderful shape,one would never guess that it has been used hard. When I finished the repairs it looks almost new!

I would guess these knits to be 50 some years old.

I know that knits are not poplar in the quilt world. I have made a few simply because they are tough and hold up to boy abuse…. one I made has held up for twenty one years,and still going strong. 

 these I made from old shirts ,dresses, skirts ,and fabric scraps that I would find..In our early years of marriage  money was a little short, which taught me to be creative. There was no rotary cutters or mats then,just cardboard ,pen and scissors . 

Now for an update on the nativity project… two blocks done

And the embroidered block quilt top….I thought was done until I laid it on the couch…oops…

I have it ripped out already for me to sew in right tomorrow.

Lynn sent me this picture last week,she took it standing in their field facing the neighbors. Isn’t  it gorgeous!!