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June 6, Charleston,South Carolina 

My brother ,his wife and another couple, who were friends ,invited hubby and I to go to Charleston for a short visit! We had the most enjoyable time. The weather was alittle warm but there was a nice wind which made the warm day pleasant.

This is the Calhoun Manison built in 1876 by George Williams at the cost of $200,000. Today it is private owned but you can pay for a schedule tour. To see beautiful photos of the inside go to ..http://www.calhounmansion.net. 

Another beautiful home.. It is for sale,so if you wanted to move where the weather is warm with a wind that’s often blowing also you have a wallet that’s” really full “and you wish to unload some $. This maybe the home for you. 

A side entrance to the home above.

Beautiful gardens

Old paths between homes..

Grave yard with many old headstones. 

And we enjoy a boat ride..

Shrimp boats pulling up nets to head towards shore.

The Laffey was known as the “ship that wouldn’t die.” Off Okinawa in 1945, no less than five kamikaze planes hit her, as well as three bombs. And she lives today. The Yorktown was our 10th aircraft carrier, commissioned in 1943 and named after the aircraft carrier Yorktown that went down in the Battle of Midway. Its service was legendary, including the Vietnam War and the recovery of the Apollo 8 astronauts and their capsule in 1968. 

Tried to take a close up, but my little iPhone 4s doesn’t do this very good. 

More next post…